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Mathew + Alisha Crouch

Your Trusted Home Inspector in Central Virginia

The BrickKicker of Central Virginia is a second generation home inspector. In 2001 the BrickKicker was established in Central Virginia by Waddie Crouch. Over the next 16 years the company strived to become the local leader in home inspections. With Matthew assisting on most of the inspections. The company continued to grow and many great relationships were formed with clients and agents. In January of 2020 Matthew Crouch took over operations of Central Virginia.


A little about myself, I was born and raised in the Central Virginia area. I have always had the passion to help others since a early age in my life. My need to help others started with Emergency Services as I would go with my father on calls. Later in life I would pursue a volunteer position in ems which would turn in to a career with Campbell County Public Safety. I have been serving the community in some form of Fire and Ems for 18 years. Some may say I have been following in my fathers foot steps. I have also worked in the electrical, building, plumbing, landscapin and remolding fields throughout my career.


In 2017 my Father decided to fully retire and the business was put on hold for me to decide if this is something I wanted to continue on with. With lots of down time from my job I thought what better way to continue helping my community and surrounding areas. I once again would continue to follow in my fathers footsteps with helping the local community. In January 2020 I traveled to Chicago to the home office for a week full of professional training. I have been inspecting homes since 2001 and look forward to continuing to do so as the Central Virginia BrickKicker.

The Inspection Process

  • Schedule an inspection by phone or online.
  • You are invited and strongly encouraged to accompany Mathew + Alisha through your home during the inspection.
  • You will receive his qualified opinion on the present condition, operation, and function of all major elements of the property.
  • Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report with a descriptive overview (including pictures) of your home from the ground up.

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