Main Sewer Line Inspections

Main Sewer Line Inspections

Replacing the main sewer line can potentially be the most expensive repair ever made to a home. Homebuyers should take this into consideration when purchasing a home and they also need to be aware that inspecting the main sewer line (from the home to the city connection) is not included in a standard home inspection.

There are two main reasons that it is excluded:

First, inspecting the main sewer line requires expensive equipment that most home inspectors do not have and many can not afford. It’s a no-brainer for a plumber to spend $7000 on a sewer camera because it will pay for itself in a year or two.

Second, many homes do not have accessible sewer cleanouts and a plumber may be necessary to inspect the sewer line. It may be necessary to install or replace a cleanout or remove and replace a toilet to complete the inspection.










roots protruding sewer line
clean sewer line

Not every home needs a main sewer line inspection. (We call it a “sewer scope.”) If the home has a septic system, a septic inspection is necessary. If the home is newer, there is a potential from problems but they are less likely. A good candidate for a sewer scope is a home that is 20+ years old that has trees in the front year and has a new cleanout cap. This is a good indication of a past sewer line problem and if the homeowner has not replaced the line problems may recur in short order. (In a newer home, evidence that the sewer line has settled may indicate a problem.)

Typical set up for sewer scope inspection

At The BrickKicker we are able to offer a sewer scope for an additional fee. With advance notice, we can often have the sewer camera available at the inspection. Frequently our inspectors will recommend the sewer scope based on conditions observed at the inspection. We can usually take care of the sewer scope within a day or two and if a plumber is going to be needed, we can advise you on local plumbers that perform this service.

Not every The BrickKicker location offers this service but those who do often charge $175 to $225.00 for a sewer scope. Prices from a licensed plumber vary, but the typical fee is $250 to $300. When you order a sewer scope from The BrickKicker we will also provide photos of any issues uncovered and a video of the inside of the sewer line to aid in requesting and ordering repairs.  You are also getting an unbiased opinion versus an opinion for a contractor who is looking to perform additional services.

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