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Keeping Pest Away as Temps Cool

Many people are obsessed with autumn and for good reason: it’s sweater weather, and there’s plenty of hot apple cider, pumpkins, and gorgeous color-changing

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Pool|Andrew Fox

Pool Barriers

It is summertime again and so begins pool season. Owning or using a pool carries a great deal of responsibility. Accidental or unintentional access

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Certifications|Andrew Fox


Just because the government calls it an inspection does not mean it is actually an inspection. Let’s talk about your FHA and VA home

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Meter Grounding

Did you know that your overhead electric service needs to have a driven rod ground even if you have your water pipes bonded? Grounding

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The Home Inspection|Andrew Fox

Inspect My Deck

You cannot help but wonder if there is a deck contest in most suburban communities.  “My deck is bigger and better than your deck.” 

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Plumbing|Andrew Fox

So, I sat on the toilet and the toilet moved.

A toilet is supposed to be secure to the floor. It is not designed to be a rocking chair. Moving side to side or

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