How long will the inspection take?

Our inspection times vary depending on a number of things. Our inspectors tend to show up at least 10-15 minutes early to get a lay of the land, setting up the report and any other necessary tools. Our inspectors have an organized flow by which they move throughout the home and generally our inspections take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Of course questions from the client/agent as well as any unique layouts, additions, systems may extend or shorten the inspection time. Our inspectors are well trained and experienced, taking photos and notes as they go, so the length of the inspection time is in no way a reflection of a great or poor inspection. We typically schedule 1 hour per 1,000 sqft of home to allow for enough time to move through the inspection, document, report and travel to the next.

In order to give the best possible price, we like to first get the address of the property. Our fees vary depending on the size of the property and if it is in the city or not. We price shop at least twice a year to ensure we are not over priced, but not under priced. The service and value we provide we feel warrants the quoted price for your property.

Radon testing is done by a separate technician on our team and for a two monitor test, starts out at $230 and may be more depending on how far out the test is and if more monitors are needed. Should our technician determine the layout of the home warrants more than the two monitors, we charge an additional $25 per monitor needed.

In simple terms, Radon is the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, translating into gasses that move to the surface of the earth. Given we are building our homes to be more energy efficient and air tight, we are trapping these gasses in our homes. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is now the number 2 cause of lung cancer, 2nd to only smoking. Testing is a simple and effective means of determining the radon levels in the home and if found to be higher than the EPA recommended take action level, then a mitigation system is recommended to extract those gasses, bringing the levels to a safe range.

For the last 30 years, The BrickKicker has been focusing on providing exceptional inspection services to buyers and sellers alike. In addition to the ‘standard’ inspection, we can provide a pre-listing inspection, multi-unit inspection, condo/townhome inspection, commercial building inspection, home maintenance review, post mitigation radon testing, daycare/preschool radon testing, mold swabbing, sewer scoping, drain cleaning, new construction inspections, pre-drywall.

Our inspectors generally can get the inspection report out the same day however, there are times when a report may be released before you have your first cup of coffee the next day. Reports are sent via email and will only be released when payment and a fully executed inspection agreement are logged.

The BrickKicker accepts payment in a variety of ways to be convenient for you. Upon booking the inspection, you will get a confirmation email which contains a secure link to pay via credit card; AMX, Visa, Discover, Mastercard. If you wish, you can also pay with cash or check to the inspector at the time of the inspection. Our inspection reports get sent out via email and can be opened once payment has been submitted.

The home inspection is a visual examination of a property’s condition. A standard home inspection is not a code compliance inspection as each region and municipality adopts its own, however the standard inspection usually includes the following:
Structural Components: Exterior, Foundation, Roof, Attic, Garage(s)/Outbuilding(s); Interior Components: Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen(s)
Systems: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing
Other: (May be added above and beyond the standard inspection for an added fee and service agreement, outside the scope of a normal inspection) Pool/Spa, Radon Testing, Mold Swabbing (while on site), Sewer Scoping.

The inspection agreement is to be reviewed and signed by the client that hired us to do the inspection and to whom we send the inspection report to. The inspection report will not be released nor will the inspection take place unless the fully executed inspection agreement is either done online prior to the inspection or on site via paper version with the inspector.

Our inspection reports are usually delivered the same day. Depending on the inspection scenario, the report could be delivered the next day, by the morning cup of coffee. If the inspector feels something could prevent a same day report delivery, he/she will certainly communicate that to all appropriate parties.

We are proud to support those that put themselves in harm’s way to provide support and protection for us. We offer a 10% discount on standard inspection services to all veterans, active or national guard members, and first responders. We even have a published discount offer on franchise territories.

We offer inspection services for residential and commercial buildings, and the environmental services needed for the home.
Residential: Single Family, Condo/Townhome, Multi-Family, Luxury, Historical, New Construction, Mobile, Pre-Fab.
Commercial: Warehouse, Office, Religious, Manufacturing, Storage, Institutional. Environmental: Radon Testing, Sewer Camera Inspections, Pool/Spa, Mold/Water Sampling, Pest/WDI, Drone, Thermal Imaging

We always encourage our clients to be present during the inspection, it is a great chance to get to know the home a little better and will help reading the inspection report a breeze. We have an organized method to perform our inspections, making it easy to follow along and that we can answer any questions along the way. We also understand our clients may be out of state and can not get around a busy schedule to attend. That is why we take plenty of photos and put a detailed report together, making sure we are always available for a phone call, text or email to answer any questions, walking through the inspection.

We often get confused for doing appraisals however we are not Appraisers. This is a service involved in the pricing evaluation of the subject property. Inspections are looking at the components that make up the building and the potential issues with them, but we do not appraise or value property.

Yes, we inspect in-ground and above-ground pools and supporting equipment. Pool must be operational/opened for the season. Pool inspections are outside the scope of a standard inspection and may be added for an additional fee.

We LOVE when our inspectors are requested and we encourage it. Our team of qualified inspectors train and work hard to ensure a consistent, detailed BrickKicker inspection, regardless of the inspector, however each has their own personality and skill set. If you are not sure what inspector you want, you will be in great hands regardless.

The language in our confirmation emails is as follows: Our schedules are in hot demand. To avoid unwanted trip fees ($150 min), we ask for changes or cancellations to be done no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the scheduled service. Please apply your best to appease the situation at hand, service comes first but if possible a fee is warranted.

The inspector will use whatever means necessary to inspect the roof, regardless of conditions as long as it is safe to do so. Walking ‘on’ the roof is not necessary to get a good visual. Our inspectors may use a ladder to either get on the roof of the material used and the pitch is safe, or to view from the roof edge. Binoculars or our 30’ camera poles may also be used to gather close up images. Viewing the attic space or roof structure from within will also help get a good understanding of the condition or issues with the roof. The inspector will take plenty of photos and report on how the roof was inspected and any possible recommendations or conditions noted. The service is for the day of and is in conjunction as a total system. If the roof has snow cover and you feel it important to view the roof without snow cover, we can be scheduled to come out at a discounted fee to view the roof with no snow cover.

Yes, the legal entities and employees of The BrickKicker are covered by business professional and general liability insurance as well as errors & omission insurance. A certificate of insurance can be requested if needed. Reach out to for a COI.

The BrickKicker has remained successful for 34+ years because we remain independent and unbiased. We report on what we see at the time of the inspection and will offer guidance on possible action steps. We do not have any interest in particular products or third party services, rather we just want to offer guidance to those that may be overwhelmed with decisions when it comes to maintaining their home.

There isn’t much that keeps us away. We will make every effort to inspect regardless of the conditions, as long as our inspector determines it safe to do so. Inspecting during inclement weather actually helps us to see how the home performs and if issues do exist. In the event the weather is severe, there could be a delay or possibility of a reschedule due to travel implications.

We provide a cursory review of selected appliances for “on-off” function only and strictly as a courtesy to our clients. This may also only be considered an inventory of appliances present during the inspection. Temperatures, thermostats, features, functions and cycles ARE NOT verified. From time to time, an appliance may be in a condition where it is “off” during the inspection. This might be via a disconnect switch or being unplugged. The nature of a visual inspection precludes the inspector from activating that switch or plugging that appliance into an electric connection. We strongly recommend that the client(s) verify proper operation of all appliances during the final walk-through and before the closing.

All of our inspectors are equipped to take photos and report on the property at the time of inspection, however we do not print out reports onsight and often won’t even send the report until the inspector has returned to his/her office to give the report one final review. Our goal is to have the inspection report out the same day, or at the latest, by the next day’s morning coffee. Your inspector will do a recap with you if you are on sight, and make note of any specific questions.

This depends on the overall scope expected for the inspection and the availability of any requested/specialized inspector. Most of our inspectors are trained for and comfortable doing homes up to 8,000 sqft. Solo with inspection times ranging from 2.5-5 hours, again depending on what’s involved and the questions asked onsite. If the home is less than 6,000 sqft. And an additional inspector is being requested for the sake of speeding up the time onsite, we charge a flat fee of $300 for an additional inspector. Any home over 6,000 we will automatically schedule two inspectors unless it is only requested for just one inspector. (That does happen 🙂) is our main website. is our website dedicated to all things commercial.

We accept multiple forms of payment. Currently we accept Cash/Check which would be paid in exact amount to the inspector at the time of inspection, or credit/debit card via a secure link that comes with our confirmation email.

Yes, go to or click HERE.

We are always looking to hire great talent that can help us push the envelope towards our mission. We encourage any interested parties to submit a resume to

This depends on the situation or the type of inspection. If we are doing a pre-listing inspection or home maintenance review, that would be the homeowner that could gain value in being present. During a traditional buyers inspection, the home owner typically leaves, as the agent and client are on sight with the inspector. On occasion, the homeowner has stayed to answer any questions that may come up. This is all up to the homeowner and the real estate team.

No, all of our reports are written in English. We do have two licensed inspectors on staff that will translate and communicate in spanish.

Yes, we currently have two licensed Spanish speaking inspectors. They will translate and speak the language at the inspection, however the report will be delivered in English. Our current Spanish Speaking Inspectors are Rick Rivera and Luis Calzada.

Yes, we have an entire team and website dedicated to commercial. Many of our franchise locations do commercial inspections as well so any correspondence should go to Each commercial job is reviewed by our commercial manager and a detailed proposal is given.

Yes. We apply the same independent and unbiased approach, looking at the component in question under the same scope within the standard residential inspection. The pricing depends on what is needed to be looked at in conjunction with location of property and time of year (our busy season may warrant a higher fee). Please reach to the leadership team for pricing and scope.

All of our inspection reports are sent out as a PDF document, sent to the client and buyers agent. Additional resources such as a final walkthrough checklist, life expectancy are included with the report. In addition, we send all of our clients a HomeBinder, a free and digital tool to maintain and organize all maintenance aspects of the property. To support the buyers agent, we provide a RepairPricer tool at no charge on all inspections to expedite the estimating process of the documented inspection findings.

We generally schedule 9AM, 12 noon and 3PM, 7 days a week. We do have part time inspectors with evening and added weekend availability. During the winter months, evening inspections could be limited. IF a time outside of our normal slots is requested, please feel free to let us know.

The BrickKicker is a Nationally Registered Trademark, an umbrella for two legal entities; HBI Inspection Services Inc, which is our local Chicago based inspection firm AND Ronlen Enterprises which is the parent entity of our franchise operations. We currently have 28 franchise units across the country, each of which are independently owned and operated. Our Chicagoland “Home” office is an open laboratory for our franchise owners for training and growth.

Our inspectors take pride in leaving the home in the same condition as it was found. They will either bring a pair of ‘Indoor Shoes’ or shoe covers, to help keep the floors clean and sanitary.

All of our reports are sent within 24 hours of the inspection as a PDF document. Our reports are filled with photos, both general and of specific defects. Our reports also have the ability to house video, in the event there is an audio or visual best pictured via video. The BrickKicker is always looking for ways to offer the best deliverable and will continue to stay on the forefront of reporting.

Yes, any one of our numbers can be used in a text fashion. We remain committed to prompt responses to questions and scheduling requests.

Our Chicago based team has not had enough of a demand for this to warrant keeping this cost on the books. Our real estate agents in this market almost always show up to the inspection or may offer a 1 day code.

We currently do not test irrigation systems as it is a service beyond the scope of our inspection license. We would refer irrigation system checks to local vendors/partners depending on the needs of the client.

Yes, if the price to be matched is within reason and it earns the business. Any discounts above the standard $25 off should be entered as a non-net discount.

Our inspectors will access and observe any and all areas of the home that are readily accessible and deemed safe to enter/access. These spaces give us great insight into the structure and performance of the home, often areas that are overlooked or seldom serviced. If we can not safely access or it’s blocked, we will document what is seen and not accessible.

RepairPricer is now offered at no charge to all buyers’ agents. The RepairPricer email comes to the buyer’s agent following the delivery of the inspection report.

Our inspectors are specifically licensed and certified in our industry, noting that our scope of work is from a generalist point of view. The nature of licensure for plumbers and local unions prevents home inspectors from being able to define plumbing code requirements. We do our best to stay educated on practical and applicable plumbing practices to apply to inspection industry’s standards of practice.

We do NOT do a stand alone mold test/inspection. Our inspectors carry mold swab kits with them and if a suspect material is found and safely accessible at the time of the inspection, the inspector will take a sample and discuss findings with the client/agent. There is a lab fee associated with the mold swabs, and results are turned around within 24-48 hours. If a client wants a mold only, we would refer to or

A partial inspection is the inspection of any one or select number of predetermined items to be performed at a rate determined on a case by case situation. Given the demand of our services, many items come into factor such as the amount of time, number of items to be inspected and location. At a minimum, the fee would start at $150.

We typically schedule the inspection using the logic of 1 hour per 1,000 sqft. We do not want our guys to feel rushed and with traffic in the metro area, drive times can be heavy. It’s always safer to bump up an extra hour if its a larger home or farther distance.

FAQs may be subject to change based on operation. Each office is individually owned and operated. These FAQs fit for the main operation in Chicago.