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The Best Lead-Based Paint Testing & Sampling Services

Home surfaces covered with lead-based paint can be dangerous if that pain is scraped, sanded, or heated during paint-stripping procedures. Once released into the home’s atmosphere, lead particles can be inhaled or ingested through the mouth or nose. Additionally, freed lead particles can settle into carpet fibers or fabric and then recirculate during sweeping or dusting, which can lead to more exposure. 

The BrickKicker provides lead-based paint testing and sampling to determine an actionable plan for your home. Options may include leaving the paint undisturbed or covering it with another building material to keep it contained. To determine your home’s safety, entail a licensed lead inspector such as The BrickKicker to test and sample today.

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How to Identify Lead Paint

According to the EPA, two-thirds of homes built before 1940 and one-third of homes built between 1940 and 1960 contain lead paint. When did

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