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Residential Properties

Buying a home is the start of a new chapter for many home buyers as it is also one of the most important purchase decisions one will make. Let The BrickKicker provide you with the confidence to purchase your home intelligently through one of our experienced and professional inspectors.

Investor Inspection

The BrickKicker understands the value and importance of long-term property investment. The investor inspection is designed to provide a professional inspectors guidance to the selection, budget, or maintenance of your investment property and it's condition.

Testing & Sampling

The BrickKicker has the knowledge and ability to provide a wide variety of evaluations beyond the standard visual home inspection. Whether it is testing for radon gas, sampling for mold or asbestos, or looking at the inefficiencies of your mechanical systems, The BrickKicker is your resource to inform you about your home.

Residential Inspections

Allow The BrickKicker to take away the challenge of finding a qualified home inspector for you. With a team of highly professional home inspectors, The BrickKicker can assist you in residential home inspections and create an enjoyable home buying experience. The BrickKicker offers the highest quality professional service including consultation, professionally trained home inspectors, as well as providing computerized reports and unique report packaging and delivery methods.

The home inspection process involves an objective examination of readily accessible areas, physical structure and operating systems of the home. A home inspection allows the buyer to gain an overall understanding of the current condition of the home prior to purchase. The inspection process typically occurs when a home is listed on the market or when an offer has been made. Once a contract has been accepted, the inspection will occur within the time determined on your real estate contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Inspections

Here at The BrickKicker, we’re dedicated to being your home consultants for life. Whether you have a question a day or a year after your inspection, we’re here to help. You can also see our resources page,
which provides helpful maintenance tips.

Inspecting your own potential house is not recommended. Home inspectors are specially trained to look for things you may miss. Unless you are a home inspector yourself, seek out a professional. Some states or financial lenders require a licensed inspector to complete the inspection.

In most cases, you’ll receive your custom report at the end of the inspection day or at the very least, the next morning. While many inspectors give you a few papers with handwritten notes, our professional reports come in a three-ring binder. They include thorough details and a helpful summary page. We also email the report to you and your real estate agent on the same day.

Your agent may recommend a few inspectors, but the client normally chooses and hires an inspection company. When you call us, we work directly for you.

What do the inspection terms mean?

Inspection terms can seem intimidating, but you can search the International Association of Certified Home Inspector's glossary here to learn!

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