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new residential home
Single Family

Often called single-detached-dwellings are generally those privately owned and maintained and built for one family. Across the country there are many different types of single family homes with many different amenities and building materials.

The BrickKicker maintains high training standards to keep up with the latest building methods, and living standards to provide a detailed and educational inspection.

two tone beige townhomes
Condo / Townhome

Condominium and Townhome units typically fall under some sort of management, however that doesn't mean The BrickKicker won't be there to guide you through the makeup of the building, how things work and where.

Generally, a condo is one unit within a larger building which has full coverage or control on exterior items, whereas a Townhome is owned with control of the exterior and interior given to the owner of the unit.

ouside of a multi unit building

Generally, a multi-unit building is considered to have individual residences contained within one building. Under typical industry standards, a multi-unit building with 4 or less units is residential, while 5 units or more is classified as commercial.

Regardless of the size of the building, The BrickKicker knows how to navigate these buildings and understands the methods used in which to maintain or run a multi-unit building.

Other Offered Services

Other Services We Specialize In

Pool and Spa

For an additional fee, The BrickKicker inspector will help identify any potentially hazardous or mechanically deficient issues with your pool and/ or spa. This does not include entering the pool to look at the liner but we will inspect the barrier fence, installed pool equipment, and filter system. Recreation equipment is typically not included but may be upon request.

Modular Home

A modular home is one which was not built on site but rather trucked in and placed on the pad or home-site. This home was built in a controlled factory. These homes are typically constructed much differently than site built homes. They can require different HVAC equipment, different roofing as well as different plumbing and electric. Most are without foundations and are anchored to the ground.

Certified Inspections

FHA, VA and 203K are all types of loans which will require certain minimum standards be present before a loan is presented. Systems like: Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Roof, Thermal and Weatherproofing all require certain standards be met. The BrickKicker inspector is certified to provide the necessary documents for each one of these. There is no reason to call for one, two or every three different contractors to provide these documents.

Your Trusted Home Inspector in Bradenton

The BrickKicker in Bradenton, Florida is a professionally trained and certified home inspection firm you can trust. Whether you may be a home buyer, seller or existing homeowner, The BrickKicker will fit all of your home inspection needs.

If you are looking for a qualified home inspector who will approach the job in a consultative unbiased manner, The BrickKicker is just the choice for you. Our trained inspectors will take the time to understand the client’s perspective and offer them a variety of home inspection choices that will fit their needs. We offer expert home inspections, comprehensive inspection reports, and home maintenance advice as well as unique reporting and peripheral services.

The Inspection Process

  • Schedule an inspection by phone or online.
  • You are invited and strongly encouraged to accompany Rick through your home during the inspection.
  • You will receive his qualified opinion on the present condition, operation, and function of all major elements of the property.
  • Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report with a descriptive overview (including pictures) of your home from the ground up.

Meet Your BrickKicker Team

  • Rick Browning
    Franchise Owner / Inspector
    Rick Browning

    Rick Browning

    Franchise Owner / Inspector

    Originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Rick has called Florida home since 1986. A graduate of Michigan Technological University, Rick’s background includes 30+ years of progressive work and education in Inspection, Quality Control, Quality Engineering, Business Development and Residential Construction.
    Since joining The BrickKicker in 2003, Rick has proudly offered his clients comprehensive property inspections and exceptional customer service in the Sarasota / Bradenton area.

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