Category: Maintenance

09 Oct

Chimney Cleaning and a Tragic Story

Many house hunters have a fireplace on their wish list, and for good reason. Fireplaces provide warmth and a beautiful architectural feature, but they can also be a source of danger. Taking care of your fireplace is important part of home maintenance for ongoing enjoyment and safety, but how often should a chimney be cleaned, […]

Dryer Vents

An Introduction to Dryer Vents Most Americans do not consider in home laundry as a luxury but rather more of a common element and necessity. Most of us never think about the dangers associated with the basic dryer appliance. Dryers, both gas and electric, require some form of vent that discharges from the home and […]

Home Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner, there are many things you must do to maintain your home’s appearance, worth and safety. By keeping a checklist handy, you can properly delegate the tasks needed to be done to keep your home 100% safe, looking its best and clean. These chores must be completed both in the interior and exterior […]

Home Maintenance Review (HMR)

What is a Home Maintenance Review (HMR)?  The best way to describe an HMR is that it is all the best parts of a The BrickKicker home inspection without having to sell your home.  It will put all unbiased expertise and inspector knowledge to use in your home and help you keep this huge asset […]

How Do I Get My Home Ready for the Fall?

With summer behind us, fall in our midst, and winter on the horizon, you may be wondering, “What should I get done to my house in the fall?” If you live in an especially cold area like Aurora or Naperville, you might also be wondering about how to protect your home from frozen pipes. The […]

How to Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Your kitchen exhaust fan helps pull steam, odors, heat, and grease away from your cookware and stove. By vacuuming and dispersing the above, it helps to keep you cool while cooking at the stove and prevents build-ups of grease to minimize the risk of fires. It’s important that you know how to clean your exhaust […]

12 Aug

How to Identify Lead Paint

According to the EPA, two-thirds of homes built before 1940 and one-third of homes built between 1940 and 1960 contain lead paint. When did they stop using lead paint? In 1978, officially. If your house was built before this time, it’s statistically probably that lead was applied in your home. It’s important for your property […]

Spring Showers = Leaking Homes

April showers bring May flowers.  We all sang that rhyme as children, but April and Spring showers can also bring many headaches to homeowners.  The most common headaches are leaking basements and leaking roof gutters. The only sure fire, 100% accurate, foolproof, never get water into your foundation is to build your home on the […]

Ten Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A little know-how and a handful of elbow grease can go a long way to keeping repair costs down and increasing the value of your investment. That being said, the joy of ownership means you can customize any and every inch of your new property, and with a bit of moxie you can tackle most […]