Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

There is a lot of work that goes into a commercial building inspection. A commercial building inspection checklist helps you figure out what you need to look for on the exterior and interior of a building you may want to purchase. When you choose basic commercial building inspection services you’re going the extra mile to ensure the desired building is in perfect condition! Once you complete the commercial building inspection checklist, you can then make an informed decision on your purchase. Learn more commercial building inspection services down below, we also offer residential and environmental inspections as well.

Basic Commercial Building Inspection Services

If you’re new to real estate, you may not know what to look for when it comes to building inspections. At The BrickerKicker, we’re able to offer proper and thorough basic commercial building inspection services for you. We will inspect the entire building with our Property Condition Assessment.

During our basic commercial building inspection services, we conduct a visual test of the physical property, accessible areas, and operating systems. Below is our comprehensive commercial building inspection checklist:

  • – Site Review (Paving, Landscaping, Utilities)
  • – Structural Frame (Building Exterior & Envelope)
  • – Roof Surfaces
  • – Windows & Doors
  • – Plumbing System and Components
  • – Electrical System, Outlets, & Components
  • – Installed Mechanical Systems
  • – Installed Interior Elements
  • – HVAC Systems (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation Systems)
  • – Document Review (if supplied)
  • – Probable Cost & Recommendations (if requested)

When we complete our inspection, we will inform you of any areas of concern. Then, we will provide practical feedback and recommendations on how to make the space even better.

Additional Commercial Building Inspection Services

We offer more than just commercial building inspection services. We have additional commercial building inspection services that you may want to consider before you make such a large purchase. All of our inspections are done swiftly yet thoroughly to be considerate of your time. Here are additional commercial building inspection services:

  • – Energy Audits
  • – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessments
  • – Fire Safety and Sprinkler Inspections
  • – Roof or Floor Cores
  • – Mold Sampling
  • – Radon Gas Testing
  • – Energy Star Rating
  • – Fenestrations
  • – Elevator Inspections
  • – Alarm Inspection
  • – Wood Destroying Organism Inspection
  • – Engineering Specialist or Certification
Inspector Looking at Windows

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Now that you’ve read our commercial building inspection checklist, you can now go into your next inspection with a peace of mind! The BrickerKicker team is ready to help you choose the perfect building for your business. Contact us to request an inspection when you’re ready!