How Much is a Septic Inspection?

Cleaning a septic tank

How much does it cost to inspect a well? Depending on the size of your tank and surrounding environment, your septic inspection cost may vary, though most homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $300 and up. Well and septic inspections should take place about every three years to keep your system running smoothly; schedule an appointment with The BrickKicker today! 

How Much Does It Cost to Inspect a Well? 

Septic systems can last up to 30 years when properly maintained, but without routine inspections, problems can build without homeowners knowing. Because septic systems are buried underground, it can take awhile to notice backup issues. Regular pumping of the septic helps clear out any major debris and keeps the system performing at its best. 

So how much is a septic inspection? Well and septic inspection costs will vary depending on the size of your tank and how easy it is to access the entire system. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $260-$420 for a septic inspection, but keep in mind that septic inspections require specialized training and aren’t included in regular home inspections. Anyone who inspects your well system must have the exact experience and qualifications necessary to properly pump your septic without releasing contaminants into your yard and property. 

What’s Included with Well and Septic Inspection Cost? 

When you schedule a well inspection, you can rest assured that your septic system will receive a thorough examination and pumping to help it continue its job of removing solid waste from the home. Septic inspections take about two hours to complete, and during that time your inspector will be looking for: 

  • Tank sludge levels: the sludge in your tank should not exceed more than one-third of the tank’s total volume. 
  • Tank size and distance from home and drains: Inspectors will ensure the size of your tank is appropriate for your home’s needs. A tank that’s too small will have to work much harder and could clog much easier as a result. 
  • Wastewater flow: Ensuring that wastewater is properly flowing through drainlines into the drainfield is a crucial component of any septic system inspection. 
  • Unsanitary conditions: If liquid waste has leaked into the ground surface, this could be a sign that your septic system is overloaded. 

Get a Fair Septic Inspection Cost with The BrickKicker!

The BrickKicker team is specifically trained to properly pump and inspect your well and septic system, and we’ll walk you through any potential issues we find. Schedule an appointment with our team today!