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Providing Inspection Services for Santa Barbara County and Surrounding Communities.

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Meet Your BrickKicker Team

Bill Shelly

Franchise Owner / Inspector

Bill Shelly

Bill has been working in some form of construction for nearly 45 yrs., and as a general contractor for the past 25 years, building additions, kitchen & bath remodeling , decks and even landscaping throughout the Santa Barbara County. He has a 2 yr. degree in construction practices & ornamental horticulture so he is very familiar with every aspect of a home from the foundation to the roof.

He started inspecting homes in 2003 when he bought the BrickKicker franchise for the Santa Barbara County and trained as a residential building inspector & is certified by InterNACHI and continues his ongoing training and has now inspected well over 2000 homes throughout the county. Bill has built a reputation for his knowledge, thoroughness and honesty. Bill is personable and is not an alarmist.

Your Trusted Home Inspector in Santa Barbara

The BrickKicker in Santa Barnara, California is a professionally trained and certified home inspection firm you can trust. Whether you may be a home buyer, seller or existing homeowner, The BrickKicker will fit all of your home inspection needs.

If you are looking for a qualified home inspector who will approach the job in a consultative unbiased manner, The BrickKicker is just the choice for you. Our trained inspectors will take the time to understand the client’s perspective and offer them a variety of home inspection choices that will fit their needs. We offer expert home inspections, comprehensive inspection reports, and home maintenance advice as well as unique reporting and peripheral services.

Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors
BrickKicker University
Home & Building Consultant

The Inspection Process

  • Schedule an inspection by phone or online.
  • You are invited and strongly encouraged to accompany Bill through your home during the inspection.
  • You will receive his qualified opinion on the present condition, operation, and function of all major elements of the property.
  • Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report with a descriptive overview (including pictures) of your home from the ground up.

Our Services

How We Can Help You
Residential Inspections

Residential Inspections

Having a residential inspection has become a key step in today's real estate transaction. Whether a high-rise condo, adjoining town-home, multi-unit dwelling or a large estate; The BrickKicker has the tools and resources to educate our clients in making smart decisions.

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Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Looking to know the condition of a structure under consideration for purchase, lease, or maintenance? The BrickKicker Commercial Inspection, otherwise known as a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) will commit to being your consultant throughout your commercial property involvement.

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Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

In today's world, consumers are more educated about the potential of harmful elements found in and around the places we live and work. The BrickKicker offers a series of different testing services that can be ordered with your inspection.

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Other Offered Services

Other Services We Specialize In

An asbestos inspection is when a BrickKicker inspector comes to inspect a building or facility for the presence or location of asbestos material. Asbestos material is defined as material that contains greater than 1% asbestos. An asbestos inspection also includes re-examining a building or facility to identify the presence or location of additional asbestos, these inspections help protect you from from deadly diseases like mesothelioma.

If you are a homeowner and you believe you have a mold problem, you have come to the right place. Order a Mold Investigation and The BrickKicker will review your property for conditions that are conducive to microbial growth. We start at the roof and work our way down to the foundation, looking for visible mold and conditions that can lead to microbial growth in concealed spaces. We have helped many clients who believed their homes were making them sick by identifying sources of moisture and areas of concern that require remediation. Occasionally we may also recommend laboratory testing. We only recommend sampling in the context of a thorough assessment when it can be used to test a hypothesis.

We see the consequences of shortcuts and poor practices on a daily basis. In Georgia, you get a one year warranty on your new home but your builder may have no leverage over his subcontractor 11 months after they have been paid for their work. A new construction inspection by The BrickKicker will identify potential issues before closing and while you have the negotiating position to get things done correctly.

While a traditional home inspection is designed to look at the elements of an existing home a new construction inspection can go one step further. The BrickKicker inspector is trained to also look at the quality of the construction and help you prepare the Contractor’s Punch-list. This is a list of items found in new construction which are incomplete, missing or completed in a less than quality manner.

You should also know that in Georgia, you are contractually required to hire a home inspector with specific credentials and insurance that most practicing home inspectors do not have. If you are looking for an International Code Council Residential Combination Inspector with Workers’ Compensation Insurance and General Liability, call The BrickKicker.

FHA, VA and 203K are all types of loans which will require certain minimum standards be present before a loan is presented. Systems like: Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Roof, Thermal and Weatherproofing all require certain standards be met. The BrickKicker inspector is certified to provide the necessary documents for each one of these. There is no reason to call for one, two or every three different contractors to provide these documents.

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