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Thermal Pane Windows

Thermal Pane Window. Thermal pane windows are made up of multiple panes (double or triple) of glasses separated by insulating gases. These windows reduce the transfer of heat between inside of the house and the outside environment, and this in turn reduces the consumption of power for cooling or heating the homes. This makes thermal […]

What is Included in a Property Condition Assessment?

Property Condition Assessments With The BrickKicker Property Condition Assessments, you will feel more confident purchasing or leasing a commercial property for your place of business.  We have a full-time dedicated and certified team of inspectors available to help you and your clients with your commercial inspection needs. The BrickKicker is committed to excellence and being your consultant throughout your […]

Commercial Fire Safety

How Safe is Your Fire Alarm System? Fire alarm systems are designed to protect people and their property from fire and smoke, but they cannot be relied upon unless they are routinely inspected by professionals. Regular inspection and maintenance also reduce expenses by preventing unbudgeted emergency repairs and costly false alarms. Fire Alarm Systems Can Be […]