What is Backflow?

Water pipe under a sink

Backflow refers to when water flows in the opposite direction through its intended system. When this occurs, homeowners may experience contaminated drinking water, putting themselves and their families at risk. But how does backflow occur? Learn more about the warning signs and what is a backflow preventer with The BrickKicker.

How Does Backflow Occur?

Your water supply line is designed to be a one-way delivery system bringing fresh water into your home. Sometimes, though, pressure disruptions within the pipes can cause backflow, contaminating the clean water with waste and other harmful components.

How does backflow occur? There are two main culprits:

  1. Back pressure: Your water’s flow could reverse should the plumbing’s pressure exceed the pressure within the water distribution system. Pressurized systems such as boilers, elevated tanks, and pumps designed to propel water to higher floors can experience backflow issues.
  2. Back siphonage: On the other hand, if water pressure drops dramatically due to sudden overuse or withdrawal rate, this can also cause backflow problems. This is most common during fire-fighting emergencies or other civic drainage projects that require excess water use in a short period of time.

In the event of backflow, the new, clean water becomes mixed with dirty, used water, polluting your potable drinking source. Backflow warning signs include noticeable changes to your water’s color, taste, and smell. When you take a closer look at what is backflow, you may see elements that are supposed to flow away from your home, including:

  • – Human waste
  • – Fertilizers
  • – Pesticides
  • – Chlorine and other chemicals
  • – Soaps, shampoos, and other cleansers

Luckily, having a working backflow preventer in your system can eliminate these contamination risks.

What is a Backflow Preventer?

Backflow preventers do exactly what their name suggests: they ensure water flows in a one-way direction. Think of this plumbing technology like a traffic director, ensuring everything moves in its proper path. A backflow preventer will spring into action during pressure changes, stopping cross-contamination risks.

Installing a backflow preventer is especially important for homes operating with a well-water system, as contamination risks are higher. The BrickKicker recommends backflow preventers to all homeowners though, as they provide extra peace of mind should unexpected pressure changes occur.

Prevent Backflow and Protect Your Plumbing with The BrickKicker!

If you notice unpleasant changes to your drinking water, it may be time to install a backflow preventer to your plumbing system. The BrickKicker can inspect your water system to detect the issue and get you back to clean, clear water. Contact us to schedule an inspection today.

The BrickKicker COVID-19 Response 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted businesses and markets all across the globe.

At The BrickKicker, our reputation has continued to stand tall during these times of uncertainty just as it has over the last 30 years. We continue to strive for highest regards to transparency and reliability, ensuring our customers will continue to count on us. With that, it is important for us to share how we are managing our business during these uncertain times.

First and foremost, we will continue to be laser focused on monitoring all WHO, CDC & DOC broadcasts to a) guarantee The BrickKicker is contributing to keeping our community safe & healthy and b) to take advantage of additional resources available to offer comfort to our employees and clients alike.

Our team at The BrickKicker will remain committed to delivering full operational support throughout the weeks and months ahead. For the continued safety of all our employees and staff, we are still asking to keep the number of those attending the inspection to a bare minimum, if any at all. Our inspectors are equipped with SentriLock access (with proper agent approval) and take plenty of photos during the inspection to produce a very detailed report. Oh, and no need need to be a worry of missing valuable information or stress over deadlines, our team is great about getting the reports out within 24 hours or often the same day.

Each inspector will be disinfecting all tools, self and vehicles after each inspection and may even wear gloves and masks on sight. This will help ensure we minimize the spread of this disease as much as possible.

In addition, our staff is fully available as if we never shut down, via phone or website to answer any questions that come up once reviewing the inspection report. The inspection is often an educational session, we must not lose sight of this. To make things as efficient and safe as possible, our inspection agreement and payment can be made electronically, via the confirmation email that went out upon booking.

We wish to remind our clients that we have a full service team supporting all your needs and it is the strength of our team that will allow us to continue to maintain our high service levels in the months ahead.

In fact, The BrickKicker isn’t stopping here to service our customers during this difficult time. We have expanded our availability and will assist with pricing concerns as they arise in order to keep services going. 

Despite taking all precautions, we strongly recommend our clients to contact us in regards to changing inspection dates in the short term, and to provide us with any questions they have up front so that we can ensure all gets answered by the time the report is delivered.

Finally, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or call with any requests or questions you may have.

Thank you,


Andrew Fox