Category: Electrical

20 Oct

Photovoltaic Panels

As a professional home inspector we have the opportunity to help our clients purchase their homes intelligently. it has been increasingly more popular to have photovoltaic (PV) solar panels mounted on our homes.

21 Aug

Different Types of Electrical Outlets

Whether you are trying to renovate your existing power system or exploring a new home, knowing electrical outlet types used most frequently can help a lot. There are even new outlets that are compatible with your phone! The BrickKicker covers common electrical outlets and comparisons like GFI vs. GFCI and AFCI vs. GFCI below.    […]

Top 5 Electrical Panel Defects!

What to do with 5 defects frequently found in an electrical panel. Electrical issues in a home inspection report can cause a great deal of anxiety for buyers. They might perceive every one of them as a fire or shock hazard and a long list may give them the impression that the house is unsafe. […]