Meter Grounding

Did you know that your overhead electric service needs to have a driven rod ground even if you have your water pipes bonded?

Grounding is also called “earthing” and is the term used to dispose unwanted electric to the ground. This could come from a lightening strike or static electricity. It is similar to when you walk across the carpet and touch a metal object. That small spark of static electricity is created when you become the ground.

When the service of a home is overhead and not underground the service wires have to travel down through a meter before the electricity enters the home and the service distribution panel. There has to be some form of protection from lightening that might strike anywhere on the service grid providing the electricity to the home. If lightening was to occur it would travel through the wire, down the service, through the meter and directly to the ground and the rod imbedded into the soil. This is grounding.

Since 1987 a driven rod is required on the exterior of all electric services, especially those that are overhead. This is why, as inspectors, we look for those and report on the presence or absence. If you have any questions please contact your The BrickKicker inspector and they would be happy to talk to you about grounding.