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12 Aug
digital radon testing device on table

How to Test for Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that’s found at low levels outdoors; however, it tends to concentrate indoors, and at high concentrations, exposure can cause lung cancer. In fact, it’s estimated that Radon poisoning causes thousands of cases of lung cancer in the U.S. each year and is responsible for more deaths than drunk driving, […]

Pool Barriers

It is summertime again and so begins pool season. Owning or using a pool carries a great deal of responsibility. Accidental or unintentional access to a pool from a child is a leading cause of drowning. This can be avoided by having the proper barrier around a pool. This barrier cannot have a gap larger […]

Safety Items Every Home Needs

In these unprecedented times, we are constantly reminded about the importance of safety. Make sure you take all precautions necessary to keep your home and family safe. Here is a home safety items checklist from The BrickKicker. Make sure you have these safety essentials for your home. Home Safety Items Checklist Each and every home […]

The Importance of a Thorough Inspection Following a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are a common occurrence. Be it a tornado, hurricane, mudslide, earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, or some other type, these destructive events can wreak havoc on everything that comes in their path. Often, however,  natural disasters leave behind unseen damage that can be a health hazard to people nearby.  Homes are often seriously compromised in […]

Where Should I Store My Firewood?

It may seem logical and convenient to store freshly cut firewood in your fireplace, near it, or on the back patio of your Aurora home, but can you store firewood in or near your home? When planning firewood storage for winter, you should always store your freshly cut wood far away from your property. Read […]