Pool Barriers

It is summertime again and so begins pool season. Owning or using a pool carries a great deal of responsibility. Accidental or unintentional access to a pool from a child is a leading cause of drowning. This can be avoided by having the proper barrier around a pool. This barrier cannot have a gap larger that 2 inches at the bottom and no more that 4 inches between slats.

This barrier could be as simple as having a locked fence around the entire pool area. This fence has to be at least 48 inches high and have a gate that automatically closes and locks.

Many homes might not have the large inground pool but rather the traditional above ground pool. These pools are terrific for families and budgets but are just as dangerous. These pools also need to have barrier protection. The same requirements exist. There pools must be at least 42 inches above the ground and if they are not there needs to be an installed barrier fence around the edges of the pool. This is why many of these pools look like they are in a cage.

It is important to review your safety barriers every year. Wood can deteriorate, locks can fail and elements can move. If you have any questions about your pool or barriers please call The BrickKicker.