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CODE is a Four Letter Word

I learned most of the four letter words from John Murphy on the back of the fourth grade school bus.  This is where most of us learned them.   But, he never said the “big” one, CODE.  Code is absolutely the biggest of all the four letter words and now in my old age I […]

Coronavirus and the Home Inspection

We have survived the recession on the 1990’s, the crash of the 2000’s and now it is the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  We know this too will pass. As a professional home inspector I pride myself as first, being professional, second, being consultative, and third, providing the the valuable information so my clients can purchase their homes […]


Just because the government calls it an inspection does not mean it is actually an inspection. Let’s talk about your FHA and VA home purchase. Using the opportunities afforded through an FHA or VA loan is an excellent means to achieving home ownership. This article will not get into the specifics of what an FHA […]

Flat Lot Considerations

One of the most important decisions a home builder has to make is whether to build their house on a flat lot or a sloped lot. Both types of plots offer unique advantages and disadvantages, and before you decide on a house plan, it’s important that you choose a plot of land that can actually […]

Foundation Settlement

What is Foundation Settlement? Foundation settlement happens when soil shifts beneath a home and it is a serious deal for a homeowner, and often requires that swift action be taken to prevent structural damage from occurring to the home. The causes behind settlement of the foundation are actually rarely due to the actual design or […]


Beneath your home you have a foundation which supports your home’s entire weight. The foundation is designed to prevent the home structure from settling, slipping, or sliding away from the initial position where it is built. But what are foundations made of, and how do you choose the right foundation? The BrickKicker is here to […]

The Home Inspector is Not a Babysitter

It is funny how the home inspection has changed from fact finding, to negotiation tool, and now it is everything all rolled into one. During the beginning years of the home inspection industry, the Realtor was present during the entire inspection.  The Realtor was the only one with access to the keys or the home […]

The Importance of a Thorough Inspection Following a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are a common occurrence. Be it a tornado, hurricane, mudslide, earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, or some other type, these destructive events can wreak havoc on everything that comes in their path. Often, however,  natural disasters leave behind unseen damage that can be a health hazard to people nearby.  Homes are often seriously compromised in […]

The Wet Hole

The Wet Hole – A look at Drain Tiles In agriculture, tile drainage is a type of drainage system that removes excess water from the soil below the surface.  Whereas irrigation is the practice of adding additional water when the soil is naturally too dry, drainage brings soil moisture levels down for optimal crop growth. […]

We Broke What?

Here is one you might have heard before: A home inspector walks into a home and they broke my …. A home inspector has a certain routine and organization to their motion through a home. Most like to perform their inspection in a top down routine. This allows them to follow the plumbing as well […]