What is Involved With a Chimney Inspection?

Chimney on rooftop and clouds

What is Involved With a Chimney Inspection? 

Over time, your chimney gets clogged with soot and creosote. This is the most common cause of chimney fires. This build-up can also restrict airflow and damage your chimney. Furthermore, birds and other pests often make their homes in chimneys, so it’s important to hire a chimney sweeping service to clean out your chimney flue. But when should you get a chimney inspection, what is the cost of a chimney inspection, and what all does a chimney inspection cover? Read on to find out, and then, if you need a Chicago home inspection, contact the BrickKicker for a comprehensive inspection of your house! 

What Does a Chimney Inspection Cover? 

There are often different levels of chimney sweeping services. Let’s break them up into three levels to give you an idea of what the average package will include at each tier. We’ll also cover what the cost of a chimney inspection is at each level. 

  • Level 1 ($80-$200): You can expect a visual inspection of your fireplace. The chimney sweep will inspect for damages, buildup, and pests. If the chimney sweep feels that the flue needs to be cleaned, he’ll get to work immediately. What does this chimney inspection cover? Brushing and vacuuming the flue. 
  • Level 2 ($100-$500): This involves everything included in the level 1 inspection. It also includes an inspection of your chimney at roof and attic levels, and video-scanning for detection of subtler vulnerabilities in the structure of your chimney. 
  • Level 3 ($1,000-$5,000): At this level, your chimney may need to be demolished and have its walls rebuilt. 

When Should I Get a Chimney Inspection? 

Now that you know what the cost of a chimney inspection is, and what a chimney inspection covers, let’s take a look at when you should hire chimney sweeping services near Aurora.

  • Level 1: We recommend getting a chimney inspection once every 12 months, regardless how often you do or don’t use it. 
  • Level 2: If you’ve bought a new home, it’s likely a good idea to opt for a deep inspection of your chimney. It’s also a good idea if your house has been involved in a hurricane or earthquake. 
  • Level 3: If you’ve had a chimney fire and the wall’s of your flue have been burnt to crisp, it’s likely time for a level 3 inspection. 

Need a Home Inspection Near Naperville? 

Now that you know what a chimney inspection covers and when to get a chimney inspection service, if you have questions, reach out to the BrickKicker for answers. On a side note, if you’re looking to put a house on the market, you’ve recently purchased a home, or you want a full diagnostic, so you can stay on top of home care, the BrickKicker can help. We’ve been offering expert home inspections to our neighbors across Chicagoland for decades at affordable prices. Take a moment to explore our services and to explore our blog for handy reads on home care! Then, call us at 800-821-1820!