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What is the Difference Between a Basement and a Crawl Space?

If you’re buying a new home in greater Chicago, take a moment to read our comparison between a crawl space vs. a basement. We’ll compare crawl space vs. basement costs for construction and maintenance, among other crawl space vs. basement pros and cons. If, after reading, you’d like to hire a home inspector to evaluate […]

Permanent Foundation Certification Inspection

What is inspected during a Permanent Foundation Certification Inspection? The BrickKicker will be looking for 3 things during the Permanent Foundation Certification Inspection. First, The BrickKicker will be confirming that the installation meets HUD requirements. Specifically, we will be checking that the permanent foundation has a load path so the building will not fall off […]

Termite Inspections

First-time buyers have plenty of questions about homeownership, but here’s one that always tops the list: “What damage can termites do to my house?” Termites are tiny pests that consume or live in wood, and they’re one of the biggest threats to property across the country. From roof rafters to windowsills, any wood structure in […]

The Wet Hole

The Wet Hole – A look at Drain Tiles In agriculture, tile drainage is a type of drainage system that removes excess water from the soil below the surface.  Whereas irrigation is the practice of adding additional water when the soil is naturally too dry, drainage brings soil moisture levels down for optimal crop growth. […]


Beneath your home you have a foundation which supports your home’s entire weight. The foundation is designed to prevent the home structure from settling, slipping, or sliding away from the initial position where it is built. But what are foundations made of, and how do you choose the right foundation? The BrickKicker is here to […]

Foundation Settlement

What is Foundation Settlement? Foundation settlement happens when soil shifts beneath a home and it is a serious deal for a homeowner, and often requires that swift action be taken to prevent structural damage from occurring to the home. The causes behind settlement of the foundation are actually rarely due to the actual design or […]