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Double Lugging
"Double Lugging" refers to using one screw to secure more than one conductor in an electrical system. This was a routine practice until the 2003 NEC specifically prohibited double lugging all current carrying conductors. Double lugging of neutral wires is a common find for a home inspector. It is an easy fix that just requires moving some wires around on the neutral bus bar. You can usually have up to three ground wires under the same screw, provided they are all the same size. This depends on what the manufacturer allows.

Double Tap
A "double tap" in a home inspection typically refers to two conductors connected to the same breaker inside an electrical panel. Some breakers are designed for this but most are not. This doesn't have to be a big deal because it’s usually an easy fix. Occasionally you need to add a breaker but frequently your electrician can pigtail the wires to a single conductor that is then connected to the breaker following the manufacturer’s instruction.

Due diligence
Due diligence is a time frame provided to a buyer to fully examine a property, often by hiring experts to inspect the property, perform tests, appraise the property, etc., so that a buyer may decide on how to proceed.A buyer might also be afforded an opportunity to renegotiate the contract based on their findings or possibly even to terminate within a specified time period, in order to not be considered in default of the contract. Due diligence allows a buyer to fully understand what they are buying.