How to Save Energy at Home

Homeowners already know the conventional wisdom of turning off lights and letting the AC and heater do a little less work, but knowing how to save on an energy bill takes more than just a couple tips or appliance upgrades. Certainly, if you are concerned about your carbon footprint, there are plenty of products that can replace their high-energy predecessors. However, the best way to save energy comes down to more than just a new purchase. See below how to save energy at home when you want to make room for your budget at the same time.

How to Save on Your Heating Bill

One of the easiest ways to save on your heating bill is by managing your water heater more efficiently. Naturally, knowing how to save energy at home starts with reducing consumption of high-energy sources. Doing laundry with warm or cool water and reducing shower time are both useful, but you can also turn down the thermostat on your water heater to target it at the source. Combine this with insulation around the first six feet of pipes and you won’t even notice the difference.

How to Save on Your Energy Bill: Phantom Loads

One of the most wasteful parts of any household can be plugged-in appliances and electronics that are left on Standby or even Off modes. This is what is known as “phantom loads,” which if left unchecked can mean over $200 dollars in extra costs each year. Try unplugging devices overnight or during the day while you’re away. Alternatively, smart power strips with variable timers can impede energy drains during set times as well.

Proper Insulation Can Save Energy Cost

Installing Insulation

Upgraded thermal pane windows are one of the best ways to prevent leaking that expensive climate control out into the neighborhood. It is also an important part of any seasonal home maintenance checklists, and can increase the value of a home! If energy-efficient windows aren’t in the cards this season, sealing gaps with caulk is an inexpensive and semi-permanent fix. You can also look for issues with shingles, air ducts, and anywhere that connects the indoors to outdoors.

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