Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Owning a home is a major responsibility, namely because if you let little problems pile and continue to get worse, you could see a loss of value in your equity. It’s important to regularly keep on top of your fall home maintenance checklist, your winter home maintenance checklist, your spring home maintenance checklist, your summer home maintenance checklist, and so forth. Check out The BrickKicker guide for staying on top of your annual home maintenance schedule to help preserve your home’s condition, and even save on energy costs! And, if you need to reach out to a home inspector for verification that your house Naperville or Lisle house is in order, reach out to The BrickKicker. We’re InterNACHI and Ashi certified, and whether you need commercial, environmental, or residential inspections, we’re here to help.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

  • – Aerate your yard and rake leaves
  • – Clean fireplace flues and inspect for damage
  • – Have the forced-air heating system inspected
  • – Seal gaps and cracks in your windows with caulk to ensure proper insulation for the winter
  • – Swap your old windows for high-insulation, energy-efficient thermal pane windows, so that you don’t rack up a heating bill during the winter. It’s also good for the environment
  • – Check your roof for damaged shingles
  • – Rake the leaves out of the gutter
  • – Drain your septic tank and outdoor pipes, so they don’t freeze and crack
  • – Drain and store your hoses so they don’t burst over the winter
  • – Insulate outdoor faucets and pipes
Rake With Leaves

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

  • – Inspect your basement during thaws for leaks in order to ensure that none of your pipes burst
  • – Inspect the exterior of your house (roof, gutters, etc.) for equipment broken during freezes and storms
  • – Insulate your air conditioning unit
  • – Vacuum fridge and freezer coils

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

  • – Swap out your AC filter
  • – Inspect the roof for post-winter damage
  • – Powerwash windows and siding
  • – Powerwash your deck, and then refinish it
  • – Replace the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarms
  • – Have a professional check out your outdoor plumbing for any frost damage
  • – Flush your water heater
  • – Check your sump pump before the spring rain starts
  • – Replace the caulk around weather-stripped doors, trims, siding, etc
  • – Remove insulation from outdoor plumbing and faucets
  • – Have a professional inspect your air conditioning system to ensure that it’s ready for the summer
  • – Have your lawn fertilized
  • – Ensure you have a properly maintained fire extinguisher
Power Washing Deck

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

  • – Prune back the exorbitant spring growth of your bushes and trees
  • – Clean your freezer and fridge coils, yet again
  • – Oil all of your door hinges, including the conveyor of your garage door
  • – Look for leaks in your kitchen and bathroom
  • – Wash your kitchen exhaust fan
  • – Inspect your dishwasher for leaks
  • – Seal the grout in your tile, which can soften due to summer heat

Rely on The BrickKicker for Home Maintenance Tips

If it’s been a while since you scratched off some of the items from your annual home maintenance checklist, reach out to The BrickKicker to arrange for a home inspection in order get an overview of the items you need to address to get back on track with greater Chicago home maintenance. While you’re here, be sure to check out our guide on how to prepare for a home inspection.