What Are Maximum Occupancy Load Signs?

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The term “maximum occupancy” refers to the maximum number of people permitted within a specified room and is measured per foot for exit door width. The typical maximum floor area allowances per occupant equals 50 square feet, though this number can vary depending on the type of property. Maximum occupancy load signs communicate these guidelines for your commercial property and illustrate your commitment to a safe, productive environment. 

Why are Maximum Occupancy Load Signs Important? 

Maximum occupancy load signs are required by law and help maintain safety in your building. Knowing how many people can comfortably reside in one physical space helps you determine adequate work space configurations and evacuation procedures during an emergency. Failing to abide by maximum occupancy guidelines can result in over congested rooms that are hard to escape, not to mention potential fines for disregarding safety procedures. 

How is Maximum Occupancy Calculated?

In order to determine typical maximum floor area allowances per occupant, the maximum occupancy load must be calculated. This is done by dividing the total room area by the designated unit of area per individual. These variables change depending on the space in question, with tighter rooms allowing less area per person than bigger spaces. For example, a warehouse is likely to have a higher maximum occupancy load than a locker room. 

Maximum Occupancy Load Signs Tips

In order to keep your space safe and up to code, make sure your maximum occupancy load signs are:

  • Clearly displayed – Signs should be easily visible without blockages from furniture or equipment.
  • Easily legible – Signs should be easy to read preferably with bold, 1-inch block lettering on a contrasting background. For example, black text on a white background works great. Signs should also be free of visible damage such as rust or scratches.
  • Properly placed – Ideally, maximum occupancy signs should be hung near the exit at a minimum of 48 inches above the floor.

Stay Up to Code with The BrickKicker

Now that you know what are maximum occupancy load signs, be sure your space has the clear communications you need to keep people safe and avoid fines. Ensuring proper signage is an important part of any commercial inspection, so check off every box on your commercial property checklist with The BrickKicker! We provide thorough inspections to help you manage your space efficiently, so schedule an appointment with our team today.