How to Identify Lead Paint

According to the EPA, two-thirds of homes built before 1940 and one-third of homes built between 1940 and 1960 contain lead paint. When did they stop using lead paint? In 1978, officially. If your house was built before this time, it’s statistically probably that lead was applied in your home.

It’s important for your property value and your health to address any lead presence. Lead can be detected with a home test, but for definitive results, you should leave the job to a Chicagoland professional like BrickKicker in Naperville. But first, take a moment to educate yourself about why lead paint is dangerous and how to get rid of lead paint. 

Is Lead Paint Dangerous? 

If you have lead paint in your house, and it’s begun to deteriorate, it can contaminate the air in your domicile with particles of lead. In order for lead to be dangerous, it needs to be ingested. Even low-level exposure can cause serious problems. Take a moment to learn about the potential hazards of lead poisoning by degree of exposure: 

Low-level Exposure Can Cause: 

  • Reductions in IQ 
  • Difficulties paying attention 
  • Behavioral change and conduct disorders 

Children are especially susceptible to the issues with intellectual development that lead paint can cause.  

High-level Exposure Can Cause: 

  • Comas
  • Severe brain damage 
  • Convulsions 
  • Death 

How to Get Rid of Lead Paint

The first thing to understand is that, if the lead paint in your house isn’t flaking, it’s not necessarily dangerous. You can encapsulate and repaint the lead coat. Lead paint becomes dangerous when it’s flaking because lead particles can enter the air. If you have a lead coat that’s in bad shape, you’ll want to act fast.

Hire an EPA-contractor to remove the lead paint. This job should not be performed by 99% of homeowners. If you plan on DIY removal, the first question you should ask is: “Do I have a Hazmat suit?” Also, bear in mind that your city will have nuanced regulations dictating every step of the removal process. When you choose the BrickKicker to perform your lead paint test, we can determine the condition any lead coat is in, scale the degree of danger, and connect you to a professional for affordable, effective, lawful, and safe lead paint removal. 

Get Help from BrickKicker Inspection Services in Naperville 

Most home improvement stores sell lead detectors that can help you identify and measure levels of lead in your home. That said, they’re not very accurate, and lead paint is dangerous. If you’d prefer to rely on a seasoned professional to perform this job and give you a thorough consultation on how to get rid of lead paint and who to call, BrickKicker can provide Aurora homeowners with a professional lead paint test and expertise.