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CODE is a Four Letter Word

I learned most of the four letter words from John Murphy on the back of the fourth grade school bus.  This is where most of us learned them.   But, he never said the “big” one, CODE.  Code is absolutely the biggest of all the four letter words and now in my old age I […]

Coronavirus and the Home Inspection

We have survived the recession on the 1990’s, the crash of the 2000’s and now it is the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  We know this too will pass. As a professional home inspector I pride myself as first, being professional, second, being consultative, and third, providing the the valuable information so my clients can purchase their homes […]


Just because the government calls it an inspection does not mean it is actually an inspection. Let’s talk about your FHA and VA home purchase. Using the opportunities afforded through an FHA or VA loan is an excellent means to achieving home ownership. This article will not get into the specifics of what an FHA […]

Inspect My Deck

You cannot help but wonder if there is a deck contest in most suburban communities.  “My deck is bigger and better than your deck.”  There are even “How-to” shows on television solely dedicated to the backyard and a family’s deck.  The challenge for the home inspector is… there are a vast number of decks constructed […]

Meter Grounding

Did you know that your overhead electric service needs to have a driven rod ground even if you have your water pipes bonded? Grounding is also called “earthing” and is the term used to dispose unwanted electric to the ground. This could come from a lightening strike or static electricity. It is similar to when […]


This is a huge topic to discuss. The best way to talk about this is to really bring it down to the most basic level of conversation. There are three major inhabitants of this earth. They are animals, plants and fungi. Within those three inhabitants there are hundreds of thousands of species fighting for equal […]

20 Oct

Photovoltaic Panels

As a professional home inspector we have the opportunity to help our clients purchase their homes intelligently. it has been increasingly more popular to have photovoltaic (PV) solar panels mounted on our homes.

So, I sat on the toilet and the toilet moved.

A toilet is supposed to be secure to the floor. It is not designed to be a rocking chair. Moving side to side or front to back is not right and a wobbly toilet is something that should be repaired. In fact, the loose toilet is one of the top ten things found most frequently […]

The Home Inspector is Not a Babysitter

It is funny how the home inspection has changed from fact finding, to negotiation tool, and now it is everything all rolled into one. During the beginning years of the home inspection industry, the Realtor was present during the entire inspection.  The Realtor was the only one with access to the keys or the home […]