10 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

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There are several steps involved with buying a home. And home inspection is one of those.

It is justified for you to have questions about home inspection and finding reasons to get one. To a point, you might also think that this step is unnecessary. But there are several reasons to let your home undergo inspection. Revealing significant information covered in this blog will tell why it is necessary.

It Reveals Significant Information

A quality home inspection service Dekalb can reveal critical information about the home’s condition and systems.

This will aware the buyer of the costly expenses the home will require in the future or immediately. The buyers can also then sort out maintenance that the house might need.

What if you don’t feel comfortable with your inspection findings? In that case, you have one last opportunity to either back out of the deal or negotiate the repairs. You can also ask the sellers to reduce the house’s demanding price.


A home inspection can be a helpful tool to detect issues like radon, carbon monoxide, and mold.

It is very important to test your house for these issues.

You can cancel the deal in your home-buying contract if these hazards are detected.

Reveal Illegal Installations or Additions

It is a great tool to reveal whether the house areas were constructed without proper permits or didn’t follow the code.

Some major house areas that will be categorized here are the rooms, altered garages, and basements.

If your house has illegal room additions that are unpermitted, it will affect the insurance, usability, and taxes. At the same time, the factor that will affect the most is the overall value.

It will be more like you are buying something that legally does not exist.

Even new homes with systems not installed to code will become financial problems for new homeowners.


In the following conditions, home inspection becomes more critical:

  • You are planning to buy an “as-is” foreclosed property
  • You are  buying a house on a short sale

Homes that have been boarded develop mold issues. These are costly to fix and also pose significant health concerns.

Home inspectors often discover missing copper plumbing lines and outdoor compressors in foreclosed properties. These are usually removed by individuals looking to profit from recycling copper.

Negotiating Tool

The home inspection report allows you to either request repairs, credit from the seller, or a price reduction.

Work with your realtor in this case. They can help you understand what requests you can and should make to negotiate a better deal.

Forecast Future Costs

A home inspector can give an approximation of the installation age of major systems in the home. These major systems are plumbing, HVAC, and critical equipment like water heaters.

They can determine and disclose the current condition of the structure itself. Later, they can tell you how long finishes have been in the home. All components in the house have a “shelf-life.”

The best home inspections can give you a better understanding of when they require replacement.

This can also be helpful for you in making informed budgeting decisions.

And it will determine what type of warranties and home insurance coverage you should consider.

Determine Deal-Breakers

A home inspection can help buyers determine the additional money they need for repairs. They may decide how much effort they can put in and how much they will spend.

This will all be for taking the home to a condition they accept.

You might not be ready to buy the house if you are unwilling to fix issues like faulty gutters, cracked ceilings, and walls.

Thus, you shall continue your home-buying search.

Learn to Protect Your Investment

The most valuable educational resource is your home inspector.

They can be an asset for giving you tips on maintaining the house. This will then save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

Reveal the Big Picture

It is best to use home inspection to understand the nuances of your potential house.

It is very common to fall in love with the property based on features like the color of the walls, newly installed flooring, and the house’s location.

But there is always more than this. There can be issues that can make your dream home a nightmare.


You might undergo hurdles with insuring your property without a home inspection service in Dekalb.

Some insurance companies won’t insure your home if your house doesn’t meet certain conditions. These conditions can be having specific certifications like four-point inspections.

Qualified inspectors can again be an asset in this case. They can do these things besides inspecting your home. Thus, this saves you time and money in the long run.

Make Informed Decisions With Home Inspections

Overall, there are many good reasons to get a home inspection before making your life’s biggest investment.

In addition to the regular inspection, you may want your home to undergo additional inspections. These inspections may include termite inspection, radon testing, and mold inspection.

But, additional inspections are just a plus, a choice. While best home inspections are always a good idea.

An expert’s opinion gives you more confidence in your decision before you close the deal.

A home inspector inspects hundreds of homes in their experience. They play an important role during these inspections by knowing how to spot problems you might miss. Inspectors can also tell you if there is anything wrong with the house.

Furthermore, home inspectors can advise you how much it will cost to fix any issue they find.

Finding something wrong with a home can benefit you at every homeownership stage.

In the end, no house is perfect. You might still decide to go ahead and purchase the property even if your inspector finds problems.

But with an inspection, at least you’ll know what those problems are. And how much they will cost to fix.Ready to gain confidence and make an informed real estate choice? Contact Brick Kicker now to schedule your inspection and safeguard your investment!