5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Won’t Want to Forget This Autumn

1. Clean the gutters

Cleaning the gutters is probably the main thing people tackle, not just at the beginning of the season, but all throughout autumn. As the leaves fall from the trees, they’re going to collect in the gutters and clog up. If you don’t do this, your home could be damaged and to repair the damages could get very costly.

2. Clean the carpets

During the summer, it’s not uncommon for friends to come over, children run in and out of the house (sometimes with muddy shoes!) and who knows what else! So, of course the carpet is going to get dirty. With Thanksgiving and Christmas only a few months away, people are beginning to get their homes ready for entertaining family and friends. Deep cleaning your carpet using the hot water extraction method, you can bring your carpet back to life. 

Note: If you don’t have a carpet cleaner or don’t have the patience to do it yourself, you can hire a carpet cleaning company to steam clean your carpet.

3. Touch up on exterior paint

The summer sun has a way of dulling vibrant paint colors. Even white paint has a funny way of turning grey over time, thanks to dirt buildup. Autumn is the perfect time to put a fresh coat of paint on your house. You could use the same color paint that’s already there or you could change the look of your house completely by using a different color completely! 

4. Have your HVAC system checked

Autumn is the perfect chance to address any issues that may cause your HVAC system to work at less than optimal efficiency. The person who comes to clean the unit will inspect your system and make sure there are any problems. Preventative care always saves time and money in the long run! 

Note: Also, you can help your HVAC system to run properly by changing the air filters regularly. Most air filters need only to be changed once every three months, however we recommend that you read the instructions on the air filter’s packaging.

5. Deep clean the house 

You know they say that springtime is the ideal time to break out the cleaning supplies and give your house a good deep clean. That’s not the only time you should give your house a good scrubbing. Autumn is a good time to do it as well. Not only will you want to clean the house but you’ll want to go through everything and put items for spring and summer in storage and bring out the fall and winter items. 

Autumn is a fantastic time of year to sit outside and enjoy a mug of coffee and breathe in the fresh, crisp air. It’s the time where the year is coming to an end and we’re preparing for a brand new start. But, before that can happen, you should take the time to make sure you’re ready for the change. By keeping up on maintenance, you can be sure that the following months will be smooth sailing!

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