5 Reasons Why Commercial Property Inspections Are Necessary in Dekalb

Did your commercial property start showing you signs of wear and tear?

Or is your HVAC system malfunctioning at different events?

Or did you smell a musty odor within your commercial property?

If you experience any of these issues, then this is a sign for you to schedule commercial property inspections.

These inspections make it easier for you to take great care of your property and maintain its condition, especially if you’re witnessing such unexpected issues.

A thorough commercial inspection will reveal your property’s true condition and the costs of any necessary repairs. It can also reduce your repair costs and fix issues early or worse before they lead to a major structural breakdown.

This blog will discuss the six reasons you need commercial property inspections. This will help you understand the importance of these inspections and how they can safeguard your investment and its occupants.

Prevention of Potential Issues and Costly Repairs

Dekalb can experience extreme cold (like it’s experiencing these days), which often raises red flags for your commercial property. Such extreme temperatures can lead to frozen pipes, burst pipes, and water damage. And, well, fixing water damage is expensive! While water damage can be a major reason why your property smells musty.

But don’t worry; commercial property inspections can protect you from costly repairs.

These inspections can prevent potential issues from becoming more expensive. With regular inspections, you can spot problems early before they become serious issues needing extensive maintenance or, in worst cases, remodeling.

If you need to have your priorities straight regarding maintenance, these inspections are your key. Additionally, commercial inspectors can provide you with the best information regarding your property. And it will also help you manage your resources more effectively.

Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations

Your commercial property in Dekalb is subjected to local building codes and regulations. These codes tend to cover a range of aspects, including:

·         Structural design

·         Fire safety

·         Plumbing systems

·         Electrical systems

·         Accessibility

In addition to these local codes, your property must comply with state-level building codes. Georgia has its own set of construction codes that are periodically updated. These codes may be adopted from national model codes with state-specific amendments.

But, it gets hard to manage your property in a way that meets these codes’ requirements. With commercial building inspections on your to-do list, this gets easier.

These inspections assure you that your property follows the building codes and regulations. We understand that, at some point, these codes seem like just an obligation. It’s not true…they are more than just an obligation. These are essential to safeguard your property investment and ensure occupants’ safety. And you don’t want to stake any of these.

Furthermore, it’s important that you can undergo legal issues and expensive issues if you don’t resolve the issues (that are violating building codes) promptly. Not only this but not complying with these building codes can result in unsafe situations. These include structural issues and fire hazards that are a big turn-off for commercial properties.

Protection of Investment

Investing in a commercial property costs an arm and a leg….so one of your top priorities will be protecting your investment.

This is exactly where a commercial property inspection comes in. Whether you’re an investor, tenant, or landlord, these inspections can help you guarantee the longevity and value of your commercial property.

Identifying potential maintenance issues in advance will make it easier to prevent issues from developing into ones that are hard and expensive to fix. And the ones that can also lead to legal problems, including:

·         HVAC issues

·         Plumbing and electrical issues

·         Structural issues

·         Wear and tear

The one perfect solution to this is commercial building inspections. This way, you can protect your investment by adhering to construction regulations and laws. Eventually, this will prevent future costs.

Assurance of Employees’ and Customers Safety

Besides prioritizing your investment, it’s also important for you to prioritize the safety of your employees. Whether working within your property is safe for them or not, you must fix these issues ASAP.

One of the ways to know whether your property is a threat to your employees is, of course, regular commercial inspections. These inspections guarantee that your property complies with the safety standards and local law.

As a property owner, hiring the property inspector will be your first step towards ensuring a safe environment for all occupants. This won’t only help you maintain and uplift the company’s image, but it will also provide people safety against danger.

Moreover, this way, you can also save money.

How so?

Well, regular commercial inspections are another word for comprehensive property maintenance. Once your property is well-maintained, then this will definitely lead to lower insurance premiums. Eventually, increasing safety and saving money.

Peace of Mind

You don’t want to get frustrated about how your property keeps bringing new issues to the surface. You fixed a plumbing problem, and now it’s time to fix an electrical or other issue. You don’t want this. Unexpected surprises in terms of issues are definitely unwanted, and fixing them is tiresome.

But commercial inspections are your one-time stop to check your commercial property is free of issues. If it’s not, then these inspections report and list every issue within your property. So, it’s a goodbye to these surprises now and then.

You can make informed decisions when you know your property’s true and transparent condition. This will also let you rest assured and handle your business affairs with a relaxed mind. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.


In conclusion, commercial property inspections are the way to make your property ownership a  hassle-free experience.

These inspections not only serve you peace of mind but also let you get insight into your property’s condition, letting you fix the issue however possible. You can also prioritize one issue over another based on the severity and how much you can spend on fixing and repairing.

So, it’s safe to say that if you want to own a property free of issues, comply with local laws and regulations, and give yourself peace of mind….then scheduling a commercial property inspection is a decision you won’t regret.

If you want more insights regarding this process, then contact The Brickkicker. We are the experts in commercial property inspections who can guide you better. But our well-trained inspectors can also perform the inspection to unveil your property’s condition.

Contact us today to have a peaceful tomorrow.