CODE is a Four Letter Word

I learned most of the four letter words from John Murphy on the back of the fourth grade school bus.  This is where most of us learned them.   But, he never said the “big” one, CODE.  Code is absolutely the biggest of all the four letter words and now in my old age I try very hard to never utter that word.

Code is a minimum standard.  Code is a basic safety standard.  Codes change from year to year as well.  Code is dependent on the local jurisdiction or municipality where the home was built.  Code is only enforceable by dully authorized representatives of the local building official and not a part of a professional home inspection.  

Yes, code is not a part of the home inspection.  A home inspection is designed to help the client understand the systems and components of the home.  A home inspection is designed to identify the readily accessible issues of life safety, structure and function but, it is not a code inspection.  

There is not a home inspection performed that does not include at least one question from the client about code or the client asking, “is that code?”  The home inspector should not answer that questions but rather talk about safety or function.  The next time you are on a home inspection try not to use that four letter word and concentrate on what is most important.  The life safety, structure, and the function of the home.