Coronavirus and the Home Inspection

We have survived the recession on the 1990’s, the crash of the 2000’s and now it is the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  We know this too will pass. As a professional home inspector I pride myself as first, being professional, second, being consultative, and third, providing the the valuable information so my clients can purchase their homes intelligently.  That is not going to change.

Home buyers are buying homes today for potential move-in dates 30, 60, or 90 days from now.  Most of the experts are saying that by that time the health risks will be greatly mitigated but, what are you going to do right now?

Each home inspector or home inspection company will have a different point of view on the topic of health safety.  Most home inspectors are pretty crusty. We have been going in and out of all types of homes for years. Some might say this builds up our immune systems.  I don’t believe that but I will take it if that is the label I must wear.

Moving forward and for the next foreseeable future I will be taking the guidance of the medical experts and first, wearing gloves during my inspections.  I will also be suggesting that my clients and all others at the inspections maintain a distance. I will also be encouraging my clients to NOT attend the inspections with me.  I will offer to call them during the inspection and discuss my finding or call them after the inspection and walk them through the report. While this is not ideal it will eliminate the casual and unnecessary contact.  Each of us have to do our parts to slow the progression or this virus.

Remember, we are buying homes today and not moving in for weeks.  Life will continue to move on and The BrickKicker is here to help you through the process.  For more information about The BrickKicker please go to  If you would like information about the corona virus please go to