How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

Frozen pipe bursting water

Why do pipes freeze? Simply put, the subzero winters of greater Chicago can cause your pipes to freeze and potentially burst. While this most commonly happens to pipes on the exterior of your house, and those pipes that run through unheated interior spaces like your basement, it can also happen to the pipes inside your cabinets. If your pipes freeze and burst, you may be looking at a $5,000 repair job. Thankfully, a little preparation can go a long way. Let’s take a look at what can prevent pipes from freezing. 

What Can You Do to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing Over? 

If you’re wondering about how to keep your pipes from freezing, it’s quite a simple and inexpensive process. Just follow these tips:

  • Pipe insulation is sold at most hardware stores around Aurora, and costs about 50 cents per foot. Apply it liberally. 
  • Run a light trickle from your faucets
  • Keep your garage doors closed
  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes they house. 
  • Leave your thermostat at the same temperature all the time—it should be above 65 degrees. 
  • If there’s a room in your house with pipes that just won’t heat up, you can always turn a space heater on in the room when you know that temps are going to drop below freezing.  

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes 

If you turn your faucet on and nothing comes out, it’s possible that your pipe froze. It may not have burst, however, and you’ll want to very carefully attempt to thaw the pipe in hopes that the situation won’t get any worse. Before you do anything, shut off your water line at the main shutoff valve. Then, grab a hair dryer, a heating pad, a space heater, or wrap your pipe in a towel soaked with hot water, and attempt to melt the ice blockage inside the pipe. Turn your faucet on now and then to check. Continue to apply heat until your full water pressure returns. 

Let the BrickKicker Help You Winterize Your Naperville Home 

Now that you know why pipes freeze and how to keep your pipes from freezing, if you need help winter-proofing your home in Chicagoland, reach out to the BrickKicker. We can give your home a thorough inspection and tell you exactly what steps you need to take to keep it in tip-top-shape, and what problems may lie on the horizon. Our phone number is 800-821-1820. In the meantime, explore our blog for other informative reads about home care, including our guide on when to get a chimney inspection!