The Importance of Pest Inspections in Real Estate Transactions

Did you scream after seeing a cockroach in your washroom?

What if I tell you that cockroaches can do more than just scare you out? Or that it is actually a threat to your health and property?

This might be surprising for you, but it’s true…

Pests like cockroaches (and their friends) can contribute to a wide range of diseases and can also impact the property’s structural integrity.

Now, what can you do about it?

I suggest you schedule a pest inspection if these unwanted guests often intrude on your property.

Whether it is a pest inspection for a house sale or a pest inspection when buying a house, these inspections hold a very important role in both cases.

Different types of pests contribute to a wide range of diseases, causing extensive damage to your property and contributing to an unpleasant living environment.

Therefore, understanding these potential risks eventually underscores the importance of pest inspections.

These inspections specifically detect the presence of pests, evaluate possible entry points, and offer recommendations for managing/eliminating them.

In this blog, I’ll focus on the significance of pest inspections for both buyers and sellers. With this, I intend to help you decide better and what to do next.

Let’s first overview what these inspections really are…

What Is A Pest Inspection?

As I already mentioned, pests can pose different threats, and trust me, these go beyond just screaming in the bathroom.

They can be itchy, triggering allergies.

They can affect your respiratory issues.

And most of all, they’ll be devaluing your property, too.

To save you from experiencing this all, it’s better you take prompt actions beforehand by scheduling a pest inspection.

This inspection can help identify evidence of cockroaches, bugs, mites, rodents, and other insects that could be considered red flags.

These are not just there to help you out as a seller, but if you intend to buy a new house later, then even then, these inspections could be quite helpful.

Now….What Happens During Pest Inspections?

You’re quite curious, aren’t you?

It’s okay; I understand your curiosity. Even I was so done with these intruders in my house that I scheduled an inspection last month (it’s also beneficial to schedule one in winter for various reasons).

Okay…back to your question…what happens during a pest inspection?

Throughout the inspection, the inspector examines different areas of your house, including the kitchens, walls, basements, bathrooms, roofs, and exteriors.

They will also observe signs like damaged wood and droppings. If you also notice something like these on your own, then know this is a clear indicator of pest presence.

Beyond identifying evidence of infestation, a pest control inspector also considers conditions that may attract pests. For instance, open basement vents or decaying wood could entice pests and rodents to inhabit the house.

It’s important to note that a pest control inspection is not mandatory for all home sales. However, obtaining one ensures your health and safety. Such an inspection is as crucial as a home inspection.

The Benefits of Pest Inspection

I’m quite sure that you’re already convinced to get an inspection. But, just in case you aren’t, let me help you by jotting down the benefits.

Identify Issues Beforehand

If you’ve invested in a property in the past, you surely know how making repairs can be expensive. The same could be the case with these lingering hidden issues.

Don’t underestimate these small creatures. They’ve enough potential to increase your maintenance and repair budget. But don’t stress out just yet. You can save yourself from such an incident by scheduling a pest inspection and addressing the repairs beforehand.

With the help of a professional pest inspector, you can also assess the potential expenses involved in addressing these issues.

Avoid Future Surprises

Whether you’re buying a property or selling one, you don’t want any surprises in the future.

Even though you might love surprises, I can bet you won’t like surprises like these.

No one wants to spend thousands of dollars just a couple of years after they made a significant investment in their lives.

This is where pest inspection plays a role (a beneficial one). By identifying the issues early, these inspections can save you from an outbreak that can pose health hazards and minimize the risk of pests.

Helps You Negotiate

You’re buying, or you’re selling. In either case, pest inspections will help you determine the house’s real value. Once you have the pest inspection report, you can determine whether you’re getting a good deal.

If not, then in both scenarios (buying and selling), you’ll have the chance to negotiate for a better and more favorable deal. These inspections are your key to having an upper hand during the negotiation process.

Put the inspection report on the table and use it to your advantage, in your favor, to get the most out of the deal.

Uncover Hidden Problems

The name might make you think these issues are only related to uncovering issues directly related to pests. Well, that’s not the case.

Although obtaining a home inspection might already be on your to-do list, you shall also get a pest inspection before you finalize your deal.  

This is because a pest inspection can uncover major issues (that your home inspector might have missed). And also suggest effective solutions for dealing with the pests.

Additionally, the pest inspector will assess the construction materials used in the building, identifying any issues commonly associated with that particular construction type.

This thorough examination ensures a comprehensive understanding of potential pest-related challenges before completing a property transaction.


I’m pretty sure you’re convinced to get a pest inspection before finalizing the deal since you don’t want headaches after completing the process.

As discussed above, these inspections are an important part of identifying the damage caused by these pests and affect your budget (of course).

This is one of the ways you can favor yourself, identify any issues beforehand, and deal with them.

If you’re worried about the expense, let me assure you, it’s cheaper than repairing the issues caused by these pests that are AN ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE!

Pest inspection for house sale and pest inspection when buying a house has become easier with the BrickKicker! The experts on board identify the issues and give professional advice on how to mitigate those. Schedule your inspection now, and have a better living experience.