What is an Easement?

The team at The BrickKicker often gets asked, “What is an easement?” An easement is the right of another party to cross or otherwise use your land for a specified purpose. It’s a common thing in real estate, and there are different types of easements. Read on to learn more about easements, and if you have questions, contact us. We’re always happy to answer your questions at The BrickKicker.

Why is an Easement Necessary?

Sometimes adjacent landowners argue over easement rights, especially when one claims an easement by prescription or by operation of law. This is precisely why it’s essential to record easements with the county where the property is located. In claiming or requesting an easement over another’s property, how the claimant has used the neighbor’s property or how they need to use the other’s property is the predominant issue behind the claimant’s desire for an easement.

How is an Easement Created?

An easement is recorded with the county where the property is located. That way, the recorded easement shows up when a title search is performed on a property parcel. This most often occurs in connection with the purchase and sale of land.

What Are the Types of Easements?

Public utility easements are the most common type of easements, and they are generally created and defined when the property is platted initially. This is true for many properties connected to a city power grid, sewer, or water system. Your favorite cable company would not have the right to come upon your property to make repairs or improvements to its equipment without such easements, and no one wants that!

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