Why Regular Commercial Property Inspections are Essential for Property Owners in Dekalb

Commercial Property Inspection

Local property owners understand how important it is to maintain their homes in the best condition. Still, some overlook this fact and consider regular property inspections no big deal. Let us put this straight – commercial property inspections are worth the pennies spent by property owners in DeKalb. From checking the structural integrity of a building inside and out to ensuring its functional and security features – a commercial property inspection carries weight.

BrickKicker will help you discover several essential aspects covered in a commercial property inspection through this blog. We will also figure out how often to get a commercial inspection, the factors affecting the frequency of a commercial home inspection in DeKalb, and their perks. On top of all that, by the end of this post, you will find out the right way to hire a commercial home inspector in DeKalb. So, let’s get started without further ado.

What is Covered in a Commercial Property Inspection

Before taking a shotgun approach to selecting an inspection company in DeKalb, we advise you to take time and do some research on it. First things first, get a detailed overview of the package served in the commercial property inspection – such as what’d be covered in your selected package. Let’s have a look at what a commercial property inspection should cover;

Building Interior

Have a glimpse of your selected inspection service if they would assess your commercial building’s interior. A building interior must be examined thoroughly, such as structural integrity, plumbing, electrical system, HVAC, and the overall condition of your interior. 

Building Exterior

Another aspect that must be inspected by your commercial inspector is your building’s exterior. It may include an assessment of the intactness and stability of the roof, walls, doors, windows, landscaping, and other exterior areas. 

Building System

Moving away from structures comes building systems that must be in optimal working conditions. Your commercial home inspector must ensure that the building’s systems, such as elevators, heating, plumbing, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, etc., work well. 

Building Security

Lastly, a building’s security features must be checked to be risk-free. For this purpose, an inspector examines the condition and functionality of security elements like cameras, fire alarms, surveillance, and access control. 

Frequency of Commercial Property Inspection

Now that you know what aspects of your commercial property need to be inspected – let’s understand how often we should conduct inspections. 

How Often Should I Get a Commercial Home Inspection in DeKalb

The frequency of a commercial home inspection in DeKalb depends on various elements such as the type of property, its usage, etc. This means we can’t set up any one-size-fits-all solution. However, we have set some guidelines for property owners to decide on their properties accordingly:

Annual Inspections

DeKalb has a cold and temperate climate. Summers are long and hot, while winters are freezing and snowy. This type of environment increases demand for commercial property inspections every year. Experts suggest yearly professional inspections to constantly check your building’s optimal condition and identify any repair or maintenance needs. This way, you can address any potential issues before they expand.

Semi-Annual Inspections

If you consider annual inspections a distant plan – think of semi-annual inspections. Many property owners in DeKalb go for semi-annual inspections twice a year for their commercial properties. This way, you can check what factors are heavily used in your commercial property. Apart from this, you can assess whether or not your property is resistant enough to withstand the extreme weather conditions in DeKalb.

Quarterly Inspections

Many commercial properties could be subject to frequent moisture or water damage due to the snowy winters, humid summers, and heavy rainfall. Moreover, there could be recurring wear and tear in commercial properties, leading to speedy tenant turnover. Property owners consider quarterly inspections to protect their investments to avoid this hassle. This ensures prompt addressing of found issues and your family’s safety. 

Special Circumstances

Besides regular and timely inspections, you are always open to frequent inspections in special circumstances. For instance, when buying or selling a property, you can ask for a professional commercial home inspection in DeKalb. Moreover, you can call for an inspector whenever you notice any major issues like mold presence or wear and tear. This will help you explore more of the existing issues hiding from the naked eye. 

Factors Affecting the Frequency of Commercial Property Inspection

Several factors could affect the frequency of commercial property inspection in DeKalb. Let’s have a sneak peek into some of them.

Age of Property

Aging is a common factor deteriorating your commercial property – most commonly if it’s left unchecked. Older properties have outdated systems, unaddressed structural problems, and are susceptible to mold, algae, and other elements. 

Property Type

Property type is just another factor influencing your decision to consider commercial inspection. For instance, if you own a retail store – it must have high foot traffic. On the other hand, if you own a warehouse or a corporate office – they must be less used or have a controlled number of pedestrians. Therefore, the requirements for regular commercial inspections would differ in both cases. 

Budget Considerations

People compromise their inspection needs due to budget limitations. However, we advise that you separate your budget for regular inspections to reap its benefits within your budget constraints. Although commercial property inspection is worth every penny, you must be wise in choosing an inspector that aligns with your financial resources without compromising the quality.

Checklist For Hiring a Commercial Home Inspector in Dekalb

When choosing a commercial home inspector in DeKalb, you need to make a checklist and ensure you make the right choice. For instance, you must ensure his credentials, qualifications, local expertise, references, reviews, sample reports, etc. 

Here are some of the elements you must consider before cherry-picking a home inspector in DeKalb:

Credentials And Qualifications

Look for an inspector licensed and certified by reputable organizations such as InterNACHI. This will help you expect a satisfactory outcome in hiring him.

Local Expertise

We suggest you choose a commercial property inspector aware of DeKalb’s specific building codes and regulations. This way, you can get permits and avoid any legal restrictions. 

Reference And Reviews

Read your selected inspectors’ testimonials from previous clients and online reviews. This way, you can verify his professionalism, reputation, and work ethic.

Sample Reports

You can always request sample reports from your chosen home inspector. This will help you get insights into the depth and clarity of their assessments.  


We suggest not to take commercial property inspection as just a formality before buying or selling your property. Instead, understand its significance and protect your property’s value and stability. This blog gave detailed information on commercial property inspections and how often you should consider them. We also guided you on how to be selective for hiring a home inspector in DeKalb.