Ten Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A little know-how and a handful of elbow grease can go a long way to keeping repair costs down and increasing the value of your investment. That being said, the joy of ownership means you can customize any and every inch of your new property, and with a bit of moxie you can tackle most tasks for a fraction of the price. A few must-have tools for homeowners, some solid DIY tips, and you’ll be well on your way to that well-maintained home, perfectly tailored to you. So, what tools should a homeowner have?”


Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Tape Measure

No matter how handy you are, a tape measure will help decide where to put that new couch, or what dimensions your flatscreen upgrade should be. A self-retracting tape measure as well as a soft plastic one are both must-have tools for homeowners 

Box Cutter/Utility Knife

A retractable utility knife makes it easy to break down those accumulating boxes, but they’re great for cutting tape, paper, and other packing materials with ease as well. 


Screwdrivers are an obvious answer to “What tools should a homeowner have?” Few things you can order online will arrive without assembly instructions, and a screwdriver is necessary for most of them. Get one with interchangeable heads, or get a set. Either way, you’ll need multiple sizes for your home projects. 


We assume that if you’re asking, “What tools should a homeowner have?” you probably have a plunger around. Inexpensive and necessary. 

Pliers, A Couple Sets

Not only are needle-nose pliers useful for basic home care, especially when pulling nails without indenting the surface, they have a range of uses for first-aid kits and beyond. We recommend also picking up a pair of slip joint pliers and tongue and groove pliers for those strangely-shaped bolts the last residents added. 

Adjustable Wrench Set/Crescent Wrench

Allen wrenches, or as they’re sometimes called, hex keys, are most useful when it comes to bicycles, cars, certain electronics, and furniture. Pair a set of those with another of the top ten tools every homeowner should have, a few adjustable crescent wrenches, and you’ll be good to go. 


A couple of hammers, one lightweight and one heavyweight, will suffice for most any household task. There’s no substitute for a solid claw hammer when it comes to removing/replacing nails, but the range of this instrument makes it one of the top must-have tools for homeowners. 

A Selection of Hardware

From hanging a painting, turning part of your yard into a garden, simple repairs, or merely keeping things organized– a selection of brads, screws, nails, and coils of wire will be useful to have around. 

Drill and Drill Bits

A battery-powered drill with a set of drill bits opens a lot of doors–and keeps them from falling off. If you’re hanging heavy objects using the studs as an anchor, a power drill is a necessity, but its use extends far beyond that. If you’re preparing for a home inspection, a drill quickly becomes essential in almost every task.

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With the must-have tools every homeowner should have, and a list of safety items every home should have, you should be ready to take on any task your house drops in your lap. If you’re wondering how to increase the value of your investment with precision and the right expertise, get in contact with The BrickKicker today. Our services can help homeowners identify problems long before they become imminent.