What is the best way to prepare for an inspection?

You have scheduled a home inspection but don’t know how to prepare.

First of all, congratulations on taking one big step in being a responsible homeowner (or home seller)!

Secondly, preparing for an inspection is not a big deal now that you’ve reached this blog.

We understand that once you decide to sell your house, you plan on doing a lot of prep work to make your house look the best to your potential buyer.

Identifying cosmetic issues, accompanying your inspector, and fixing the problems already seem like a hassle. And topped with the question “What to do before home inspection,” it all becomes a reason for your headache.

But don’t you worry; preparing for a home inspection is now easy.

This blog will discuss different steps you can take to prepare for an inspection. Keep following this list of steps and witness your home all ready for an inspection.

So, let’s start.

Deep clean your house

In any case, if you plan to sell your house, a thorough cleaning is a must, and as a plus, it also facilitates the work of a home inspector. They will need to access areas of your house that you haven’t likely seen since you moved in, so please don’t make their task any more difficult by leaving a mess of accumulated dust or old storage boxes for them to look through.

Decluttering is a great way to prepare for an inspection, so keep that in mind. Take two sizable boxes and mark them as “giveaway” and “keep.”

Put it in the giveaway box if you haven’t used it in over a year or if it doesn’t feel important anymore. If not, place it in the keep box and find a handy location to store it while potential buyers visit your house.

Tidy your countertops, pack up your souvenirs, and remove any furniture. Have a minimalist mindset and create lots of space in your house.

Tidy hidden areas

Although your attic, garage, basement, and other storage spaces might not receive much attention normally, now it’s time. Also, your inspector will inspect them, so clean and prepare them like the rest of your house.

When determining the best course for getting ready for an inspection, you should also consider moving objects out of these areas and into temporary storage. Showing prospective buyer closets filled with boxes, clothes, sports equipment, and other items is their biggest turnoff.

Replace any bulbs that are out

A blown bulb could mean two things for a home inspector: either the fixture’s wiring is malfunctioning, or the bulb is broken.

So, the inspector will have to waste time figuring out whether a fixture is broken, or they will only flag a potential issue without investigating further. To prevent both situations, ensure every bulb in your house is in its working order.

Make sure your toilets are functioning properly

After you flush, does your toilet continue to run for a while? Although it’s a common problem and becomes easier to overlook when you live with it daily, you don’t want your home inspector to find it.

Take care of the issue before the inspection. 

Replacing a running toilet is a cheap, basic fix that you can do on your own with a quick trip to the hardware store.

This will work as a loose end you will fix before your inspector arrives. 

Put in a fresh furnace return filter

It’s critical for the general operation of your heating system and the purity of the air in your house to regularly replace the furnace filter.

Clean or replace the current filter to show the inspector that you take care of your home’s heating and air conditioning system rather than raise concerns about poor maintenance.

Look for leaks and water damage

Water damage and leaks are a must for home inspectors to check.

You should take action ahead of them and fix any water-related problems before the inspection since they will undoubtedly search for evidence of leaks or water damage.

Check under sinks, faucets, and equipment like dishwashers and refrigerators that may leak. Also, around the base of your toilets, bathtubs, and/or showers.

Examine the flooring, walls, and ceilings for evidence of buckling, sagging, or warping concerning water damage.

Remember to look for signs of leaks or water damage outside of your home.

It’s a moment of worry if you notice water collecting close to your home’s foundation.

Be prepared on the day of the inspection

You need to finish all your preparations by the day of the home inspection.

All that’s left to do is make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Keep all utilities running, make sure you have unobstructed access to all rooms and systems throughout the house, and unlock any gates, electrical boxes, or other areas that normally are kept secured. Above all, prepare yourself and your family to leave the house during the inspection and be ready at least two hours before the inspector is scheduled to come (they are known to be early). Pets should ideally travel with you; if not, ensure they are safely crated or otherwise secured.

Now, it’s time for you to take a few deep breaths. Most buyers simply want to know that no significant expenses are waiting for them; they don’t demand absolute perfection. A home inspection may point out a few minor issues, but you most likely have already discovered any major problems on your own, if there are any.


In conclusion, preparing for an inspection is a proactive and strategic process. This significantly influences the outcome of your inspection.

When it comes to a home inspection, the preparation phase sets the stage for success. Taking the time to address potential issues and ensure that the inspected areas are accessible and well-maintained enhances the efficiency of the inspection process and reflects a commitment to compliance and excellence. Embracing a mindset of collaboration with inspectors and fostering transparency can further contribute to positive outcomes.

Ultimately, the best way to prepare for an inspection involves a combination of meticulous groundwork, effective communication, and a dedication to maintaining the highest standards in the inspected environment.Ready to secure your property’s integrity? Schedule your inspection with The Brickkicker today. Let our expert team provide you with thorough insights and peace of mind. Your property is our priority – book now for a meticulous inspection experience!