What Is the Biggest Reason to Make Your Offer Contingent on A Residential Home Inspection?

residential home inspection

Before you lock in a home-buying deal and bind it into a legal contract – make it contingent on a residential home inspection. It will give you leverage to either negotiate on price or repairs or back off from your decision. This is probably the biggest reason to make your offer contingent. Besides this, professional home inspection services will save you from scams and frauds.

Buyers must put a contingency clause on condition before depositing their down payment.

What’s that?

Consider a contingency clause as a purchase contract between buyers and sellers. A buyer can demand a home inspection from the sellers as a purchase condition. BrickKicker is here to make you understand the reasons to be contingent on home inspection in DeKalb, IL. Not only that, we will also draw scenarios where inspections save you grands, while waiving them could cost you a fortune.

So, let’s get into the details.

If You’re Buying a Home

Imagine you’re buying a home in DeKalb, IL. Everything goes per your plan – subtle dealing, faster closing, and quick payment. BUT! After moving in, you start noticing systems like HVAC, plumbing, sewer, or others constantly on the blink. Underlying foundations, rooftops, or supporting elements could be structurally weakened in the worst-case scenario. This will threaten your family’s safety and depreciate your home’s value.

That’s where being contingent on a residential home inspection helps. Rewind back to why it is that you are buying a home.

Home is a lifetime asset, ensuring your long-term financial stability, secure shelter, and a sense of community and belonging. Homeownership lets you build equity while giving you financial and personal freedom. Owning a home provides stability and security for you and your family. To boot, you will be relieved from skyrocketing home rents and shifting from one place to another. And we can’t forget that your home would be of real estate value – subject to appreciation or depreciation depending on its condition.

In a nutshell, it’s a profitable investment.


All these benefits are possible only when your home is in its best condition. It must be secure, functional, and valuable. Homeownership could be effortless, but maintaining a home and its value is hard. 

That’s where professional home inspection services can help you.

Why Should Home Inspection Be a Contingency?

Home inspection contingency saves you from burning money on repetitive and expensive repairs in the future. Besides this, it gives you control over deciding whether to demand repairs, compensation, or walk away. Let us walk you through the biggest reasons to make a residential home inspection contingent.  

Property Assessment

A detailed check of your selected home will solidify your buying decision. Depending on the results of a residential home inspection, you can get a closer look at your home’s functioning, stability, and security features. A professional home inspection in DeKalb, IL, may involve examining areas from the foundation to the rooftop and everything in between. By making your offer contingent on a home inspection, you clearly understand the property’s condition before finalizing the deal.

Negotiation Leverage

It is probably the biggest purpose and benefit of making your deal contingent on a residential home inspection. Once you know the significant issues, you will be able to demand compensation in the home price or free repairs from the seller on the spot. On the flip side, finding those issues after deal closure will be of no use.


Residential home inspections guarantee fair and transparent home dealing. When both parties know each detail of the home, there would be less chance of disputes or costly surprises. So, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Buyer Protection

A contingency clause is best in buyers’ favor to protect their investment. If you find any severe structural issues – you can walk away from the deal without facing any financial loss. This will ensure you don’t get stuck with a property that’s not worth the investment.

Legal Protection

When you make your offer contingent on a residential home inspection – you can be legally protected by choosing a contingency clause. However, waiving one can lead to legal complications if you complain about any issues after the sale.

Is Waiving a Home Inspection in Dekalb, IL, Worth It?

We understand you want to fast-track your home-buying process, and that may tempt you to skip the inspection. STOP! Before you do that, you better weigh the pros and cons of waiving a home inspection in DeKalb, IL. So here we have listed some of the perks and limitations to it:


Skipping a home inspection might seem an easy way out. Here are some pros of waiving a home inspection:

Faster Closing

Bouncing from the inspection can speed up the home-buying process and provide faster closings.

Cost Savings

If you skip home inspections, you’ll save money upfront.


Home inspections don’t cost as much as ignoring them can. Here are some possible setbacks of waiving professional home inspection services in DeKalb:

Financial Risks

You could get costly surprises after the sale when you don’t know about existing damages or potential issues. 

Limited Legal Resources

Without an inspection, your legal recourse may be limited if issues arise post-sale.

Unknown Property Condition 

If you don’t get a home inspection, you won’t be able to get a clear picture of the property’s condition. 

Home at Stake

Without a thorough home inspection, your investment could be at stake.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the biggest reason to make your offer contingent on a residential home inspection is the relief it brings. It will give you leverage to either negotiate on price or back off from your decision. It will also give you protection from scams and frauds. Thus, we suggest not to skip or overlook home inspection in DeKalb, IL, to save your time and investment in the long run.