Who Should Attend an Inspection?

Recently there have been updates to safety requirements regarding home inspections and how many people can be inside the home at one time due to COVID. This guide deals with who should be present for a home inspection outside of pandemic safety guidelines. If you want to know who should attend an inspection, read on, and if you have questions, contact your realtor or The BrickKicker.

Should the Buyer be at the Inspection?

Should the buyer be at the inspection? In a nutshell, home buyers are always encouraged to attend a home inspection because they need to know as much as possible about the home, and may have several questions to ask. However, it isn’t mandatory. If you can’t get time off work, don’t worry. There will be an entire report with pictures for you to review.

Family Members

It’s not unusual for moms, dads, or even friends to be present during a home inspection, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best idea. While it is nice to have their support and opinions,  it can distract the home inspector. Imagine having lots of different voices talking all at the same time while you’re trying to do your job? The home inspector needs uninterrupted time to be able to complete the job on time.


As a home buyer, you may already have a list of changes you want to be done to your new home. Are you thinking of ripping out the carpet and putting in hardwoods? That’s fine, but having contractors in the house during a home inspection only creates more confusion. Plus, sometimes contractors like to “talk shop” with the inspector, which is just an additional distraction. It’s best to schedule a separate time for contractors to enter the house.

Does the Seller Need to Attend an Inspection?

Does the seller need to attend the inspection? The answer is no. Home sellers are emotionally involved in the house and may take any issues that arise personally. Therefore, it’s always best if the home seller and their realtor are not present during a home inspection. However, there are many things home sellers can do to make the home inspection go more smoothly, like doing regular seasonal maintenance.

Schedule Your Home Inspection Today

The only people that should attend an inspection are those individuals that will be on the mortgage and their realtor because they are the ones that need to make decisions. The inspection report can be distributed to as many friends and family as they like, so there is no need to have anyone else present during the inspection. You can schedule your inspection or pre-listing inspection online or give us a call.