Who Should Attend an Inspection?

Who Should Attend an Inspection?

That is a tough question and depends upon several situations.  The clients are always encouraged to attend. This will be their home and they need to know as much about the property as possible.  Many times there are others attending with the client. For some reason the home inspection has morphed into a two hour extended showing of the home.  

Moms, dads, friends, contractors and several other people are now attending the inspections with the clients.  While it is nice to have that support it can be very distracting to the inspector and the clients as well. Imagine having two, three or even more different voices talking about a specific condition all at the same time.  Who’s voice is being heard? The inspector is the professional hired to be that voice but they are often muffled or muted.  

During a recent inspection I had the clients and their Realtor attend the inspection.  Additionally, the clients brought along both sets of parents and a sibling. This would make a nice sized poker game but having nine people stomping around a 1,300 square foot house was tight.  I was up in the second floor master bathroom when a dad was asking me questions about something they saw in the garage. The garage was on an entire other level of the home and not sequentially next on my list.  Without being rude I had to ask him to hold that question until I finished the second floor of the home. This was not the only thing they unknowingly tried to pull me away from my routine with.

Most inspectors have the focused ability to not get distracted by the noise or the extra bodies but the clients are the ones that will suffer.  I have always believed the attendees at the inspection should be the interested individuals that will be on the mortgage. They are the ones that need to make the intelligent decisions.  The report can be distributed to as many friends and family as they like but consider keeping the focus on the inspector and the inspection.

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