Why You Should Get a New Construction Inspection for Your Home in Dekalb

New home, new starting. 


New homes have their own set of challenges and potential risks. After the long hassle of constructing a new home, you definitely do not want any trouble with it. Sometimes, your minor negligence can put your home in a vicious cycle. Costing you a fortune and your home, a depreciation. On the other hand, considering a new construction home inspection can save you from these dire consequences.  

A home inspection for new construction in DeKalb ensures your home is built to the highest quality standards. It helps you identify any construction defects before you move in. These inspections also contribute to the timely completion of your home by addressing issues beforehand. This way, you can stick to your construction timeline and move-in according to your plan. 

The BrickKicker brings you this comprehensive blog to talk new construction inspection. By the end of this blog, you’ll be able to understand why these inspections are important and what areas it covers. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Importance Of New Construction Home Inspections

Building a home is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. During this exhilarating experience, don’t forget to conduct a new construction home inspection. From ensuring quality and safety to your construction project’s timeliness and completion – it does that all. 

Let us take you through the benefits for which you must consider a home inspection for new construction. 

New construction home inspections provide a meticulous examination of every aspect of your new home. This includes the materials used, workmanship, and compliance with building codes. 

You can expect protection against potential defects and issues by these inspections. And ensure the highest quality standards without compromising your home’s structural integrity.

We bet nothing’s more important than your family’s safety for you. A home inspection for new construction identifies just-started problems or any future areas of concern. This helps you to become proactive in rectifying issues before they expand. 

From electrical issues to structural deficiencies, no aspect is left unchecked. By addressing the concerns during the construction phase, you build a home that prioritizes your loved ones’ well-being.

We understand construction delays can be frustrating. And can also impact your plans for moving into your new home. New construction inspections contribute to the timely completion of your project by identifying and rectifying issues promptly. And help you stick to your construction timeline.

Identifying and addressing issues during the construction process is way more budget-friendly than doing it later. On the other hand, highlighting issues and mitigating them when the construction is done would cost you a fortune. Moreover, catching issues earlier also saves you from repetitive and expensive repairs down the road.

Knowing that your new home has undergone thorough inspections puts your mind at ease. You’ll be easy knowing your newly built home meets quality and safety standards. Homeowners feel confident when they know their investment is reliable and marketable. This way, new construction inspections foster a positive homeowner experience.

During a new construction home inspection, your home’s systems are passed through a detailed examination. The inspectors check your building for overall performance. For instance, security features like fire alarms and functioning systems like plumbing, electricity, etc. They also check your place for structural integrity, like any cracks or gaps. 

The new construction inspection ensures you’re building a comfortable place to live. They verify the heating, ventilation, cooling, and insulation features to confirm your summers and winters in the new home will be peaceful for upcoming years. 

Areas Covered In A Home Inspection For New Construction

As you now know, a new construction home inspection is important. Let’s go through the critical nooks and crannies that can make or break your new constriction. Your new home should not be left to a quick once-over. Instead, a detailed investigation is mandatory that leaves no stone unturned. So, here’s the breakdown of each area covered in a home inspection for new construction. 

A foundation is the stepping stone for your home’s structural intactness. So, it must be rock-solid, quite literally. The professional inspectors ensure it’s not only solid but also free from cracks or any signs of trouble. If you want your brand-new home to last forever, a new construction inspection is the way to go.

Your home’s shield, or what we call the exterior, is next on our checklist. The professional inspectors check your home exterior for the proper installation of different elements. They ensure your windows and doors are sealed and robust enough. A new construction inspection verifies that your home is strengthened to withstand extreme weather conditions – be it rain, wind, hurricane, or any nosy neighbor.

Stepping inside, the inspectors verify the quality of your interior’s ceilings, walls, floors, and every room. They ensure proper insulation, structural intactness, and ultimate comfort.

Let’s head to your home’s top – the roof and attic. The inspectors climb up to check for any leaks or damage. They also verify the overall structure and proper ventilation in the attic. This ensures you’ll not have to face any surprise dripping in your rooms or living area.

To get things flowing in your newly built home, the inspectors check your plumbing system. They inspect it for leaks, proper drainage, and proper physical and working conditions. They ensure every faucet and fixture does its job without you needing any surprise waterworks. 

Keeping your place bright is important, and a well-inspected electrical system does that better. The professional inspectors ensure everything is up to code. The sockets are in the right places. And there are no wiring faults or hidden electrical troubles. This saves you and your family from any electrical injury or electrocution. 

Home is incomplete without its comforting feeling. Which is ensured by the proper physical and working condition of your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. During a home inspection for new construction, the inspectors check if your HVAC system is installed correctly. And if it’s geared up to keep you cozy and cool during many winters and summers ahead.

It’s time for a downward glimpse – the basement and crawl spaces. These areas are inspected for proper insulation and ventilation. The inspectors ensure your home’s basement and crawl spaces don’t become a breeding ground for unwanted moisture, mold, or pests.

Final Thoughts

The potential risks associated with your newly constructed home must be revealed before you move in. This will ensure your family’s security and your home’s marketability in the future. We suggest getting your new home inspected for various problems during the construction phase. So you can address any issues found early on. Scroll through our blog section for everything inspection.